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Sandra McKee: Extraordinary Action

Facebook fans determine book cover for romance novel Mildenau/Aschaffenburg, 11 October 2013. “The Mildenauer telescope publishing house early October together with the Aschaffenburg novelist Sandra McKee called for an unusual action: 100 readers had the life that you choose the cover for the second edition of the romance” determine. The selection were the current cover, as well as a new, graphic art that was created according to some fans. At first we were skeptical whether any interest in such concertation with sweepstakes would be available. “But the response was more than satisfactory and unambiguous result”, said Danilo Schreiter, the owner of the telescope publishing. Sandra Schindler, Manager and PR Officer, asked readers and evaluated the results of a survey on the Facebook fan page of the author started. 97 Percent of the respondents opted for the new cover. The central themes of the book at a glance are on the new cover.

The woman with trolley is available for the protagonist travellers to Ireland, the clover leaves heart-shaped indicate the love story. We are pleased that we can bring our book in a few weeks with a new face in the bookstore”, so Sandra Schindler. There will be also the winner of the Facebook vote, receiving an autographed copy of the new edition including a small surprise as first. The winner of the poll will be announced shortly on Sandra McKees fan page. “Press contact: Sandra Schindler agent Sandra McKee phone: 06306/701505 E-Mail: Web: about Sandra McKee: Sandra McKee is a writer from the Unterfranken Aschaffenburg, with the life one chooses” was a promising debut. Together with her husband and three sons shared, she lives in a village near the city of Frankfurt. Sandra McKee currently writing her second novel, a novel that 2014 will be expected. More information on Sandra McKee,

Business Etiquette

Checkers, swords, daggers and cutlasses were given royal personages long, the nobles and the military. And today, cold steel is very popular in business circles, especially among successful men, many of which are collected by a collection of exclusive weapons. And the rest is not averse to complement the interior of your office, apartment or cottage chic with a saber or sword with the inscription, or get in present a real sea dirk. The cost starts from an exclusive weapon 50000-100000 rubles. In the fashion items are for home decor – ornate mantel clocks, tea sets, goblets and cups, festive tableware. There is growing interest in models of ships made of precious wood and mimic the real sailing ship or a modern airliner down to the smallest detail. Making a model professional installer is several months of hard work – the result is a masterpiece of manual work in a single copy.

The cost of such a gift, as a rule, does not fall below 80 000 rubles. As the demand for exclusive gifts board games such as chess, made of mammoth tusks and silver. This is a classic that will always be in fashion. Cost of chess, depending on the material and the complexity of the work may exceed one million rubles. There and other options that would cost tens of thousands within a few rubles. Among the lavish gifts are very popular table sets, animal sculptures made of stone, which can decorate an office, library or living room very important person. Business etiquette does not approve of alcohol as gifts, but does not prohibit giving exclusive sets for wine and other beverages, as used by many companies. In Russia is traditionally a range of expensive gifts are hunting rifles and exclusive items of folk crafts – such as products from birch bark.

Gifts and Business Etiquette Making VIP gifts should be given special attention. As a rule, gifts of this level do not cause any logos, and contacts. Exceptions are inscriptions, but they do better on the inside of the object, which is not visible from the outside. For packing VIP gifts only use expensive materials. Exclusive items are usually shipped immediately in the original packaging – for example, a wooden box, padded inside with red velvet or other precious materials. In this case, the donor has no problem with finding a suitable packaging, and the recipient can use a present a beautiful and expensive packaging for storing valuable object. Along with a gift it is desirable to send a business card company executive, who presents the gift or greeting card is richly decorated. The rules of business etiquette do not recommend a congratulatory text to wish joy, joy, laughter, or quiet. Better to use phrases in a position to imagine any human being – wish you health, success, happiness, fulfillment of wishes, prosperous businesses. By sending a gift to foreign partner, make sure that a congratulatory text was written in the native language of man. Presenting a gift – a kind of ritual, in which there are no trifles. Think in advance what you say and want to man. After presenting the gift quietly accept my gratitude. Give a gift to the heart, sincerely – so that the donee is a person feel self-care, and received from the process of giving the maximum pleasure.