Monthly Archives: July 2014

Direct Competition

Last Tuesday was presented Google +, a new social network that has as a novelty the possibility to organize contacts into groups. Google, after two failed projects, intends to with this new to compete in the world of social networks. According to Vic Grundotra, the network is temporarily only available in trial version and can be accessed under invitation. It also refers in the institutional blog, that the biggest problem for the networks is that you have to share the information with all contacts alike. That is why your new Google + network allow to organize contacts according to the criteria of each user (social circles).

Grundotra explained that due to public overexposure that suffer when using social networks, increasingly is shared less information on these. This is why Google + provides the option of creating thematic discussions, thus reducing that as excessive exposure of the users. Others of the novelties of this new project are able to have video conferencing, application for Mobile and automatically upload photos from the device. After being supervised by Larry PAge (new CEO of Google), are convinced that Google will be the social network that makes direct competition to Facebook.


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