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Many times I have finished discussing the meaning of the cross as a symbol of Christianity and its validity or the underlying message. Beyond the obvious recollection of the device or method with which Christ was executed, the command (as such) must have another source, here are some ideas. The symbol of the cross could have originated in ancient Egypt, the “Ankh” is the symbol of Ra, the sun god and not a few Christian symbolic references to the worship of the sun god, the Ankh is a cross surmounted by a circle which very well could suggest a “Halo” of holiness in the position where the head of Jesus Christ in the Christian model. The logical derivation consistent with the continuous adaptation of old symbols and rituals as a method to facilitate the absorption of the new proposed by Christianity has several examples: the date of celebration of Christmas: Dec. 25 is a very ancient celebration party in which commemorates the birth of the sun god, another example, the use of the symbol pagan god Baal, the star inside a circle, a symbol common and evident throughout the Christian symbolism is almost a “brand identity” of the Pope and the Vatican being used to represent Christ’s halo in the currencies Vatican official … cruciform star enclosed in a circle that can easily be associated with the cross shining symbol, an allegory of Christ triumphant after their ordeal on the cross.