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Site Design and Promotion

Site design and promotion – a process that seems to be not difficult, but at the same time, requiring specific knowledge, skills and constant attention. It is therefore necessary to focus on: – the goal of developing the site – the definition of target audience – the understanding of the process – gathering information that will be placed on the finished website (this will help you to create the site structure) – choosing a domain name (your website should have a name) – select host (your site somewhere should live) – choosing a web studio. So, you have fulfilled all the recommendations and the site is ready. Every site owner needs to know, or at least assume that the availability of this tool will not attract a sufficient number of zakazchikovklientov. So you will need to think about site promotion. After considerable investments in the development of the site you are inclined to search for information – Free website promotion – this out! On the Internet an incredible amount of information on how to promote a site for free. Web-studio, of course, give the secrets of promotion of sites will not be, and our studio Spacechalk one of them. But not many would like to help you! So, after the site is designed, necessary to carry out initial work: – choice of keywords to optimize your site, but before we dive in search keywords, you need to answer some questions about the project is progressing, what and why we are going to advance? What should be the objectives, the end, the interim: – competitor analysis (to determine the level of competition must be entered in a search engine a few (2 – 4) keywords and analyze the top ten References (style information, meter readings, the relevance of the request, the citation index)); – selection of keywords (keywords should be part of the text) – website optimization for search engines (keyword insertion in working paper) – registration site in directories – in the ratings – for announcements of the boards – placement papers – registration and participation in discussion forums.


We create in the continued formation of the franchise-holders like means of to optimize its businesses to the maximum, for it we counted on a specific department that it prepares so much to the personnel as to the own franchise-holder in all concerning suppliers, computer science system, product positioning in store, etc . Nissan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. What peculiarities have the marketing that is applied in a sector like the one of the stationery store? In our sector, the price, like in other sectors, is very important, but the service, the proximity to the final client and the predisposition of our associates to satisfy the needs with their clients, are the main trick to differentiate from other providers to us. It can say as well that made in Carlin, that is to say, the one exists marketing that their franchise-holders and specific public have created for? Carlin was the first cataloguer of stationery store in Spain. It began at a time where the sale through this means was nonexistent, with effort and after more than 20 years, our knowledge of we directly applied it to the market to all the tools of marketing. Behind ours, they have been arriving other standards and multinationals, but the proximity and capillarity that Carlin has secured differentiate from all of them to us.

Anticipated what consider at the time of choosing products of their catalogue? In any catalogue of stationery store must appear the classic products of high rotation and. In order to select a new product, we take care of if it covers a specific necessity with the clients and if its sale price fits. Also we take care of the seriousness of the supplier as far as service, confidence and knowledge of mark . What relation have you with the franchise-holders? of what he consists? it is a direct treatment? All our departments have a direct relation with the franchise-holders.