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When it innovates, runs the risk of making mistakes. It is better to admit it quickly and continue with another innovation. Steve Jobs Overview cannot deny the incidence and dynamic development of the Internet and what it has represented in the Mundalizacion, in the lives of all persons and organizations, companies interested in doing advantage to what is within your reach. In particular its impact on the management of markets, we are interested in what she bequeathed and how companies can leverage it in function of ensuring that its use benefits them in the objectives proposed reach. For more specific information, check out Pinterest. This reality is very important to be taken into account by the scholars of markets and certainly for management that can rely on what Internet contributed aha.

Hence the importanci of delving into this topic. General, scope, achievements, delve into the scope of what has generated Internet in the management of markets is very important for all those interested in knowing the advantages that it has been derived. Is known and thus points out us Wikipedia, than the Internet marketing had its origin at the beginning of the 1990s in the form of simple web pages, containing only text and that offered products information. Bill Phelan takes a slightly different approach. Then it evolved into complete ads with graphics. The most recent step in this development was the creation of complete business operating from the Internet to promote and sell their products and services the encyclopedia Wikipedia, tells us also, that Internet marketing is the study of techniques for using the Internet to advertise and sell products and services. It includes per click advertising, notices on web pages, email submissions, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), the use of social networks and blogs Internet marketing marketing is a component of electronic commerce. You can include the content management, public relations, service to the customer and sales. E-commerce and Internet marketing have become more popular to the extent that Internet providers are becoming more accessible.