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The anniversary of the ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The situation in Japan remains tense. Pollution, emissions, waste: degradable plastic too dangerous for the environment. Climate news: because of the warming erosion of the Arctic climate is sharply accelerated. News 'green' technologies: sugar cane – the source for biofuels and a cooler climate. In the animal world: the cuckoo hawks pretend to drive away birds and throw eggs. Science News: Scientists have discovered a new ancestor of land plants. Our food: fresh fruit juices are also useful for health, as well as whole fruit.

The dates of the week: The International Earth Day. News of the legislation and Ministries of the State Duma suggests taking beetles to destroy drug trafficking. PHOTO of the week: "Luminous beings from the depths of the sea 'and' Earth, seen from the sky." Review of the week from 18.04.2011 to 04.24.2011. Anniversary environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico April 20 marked one year since the explosion at the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico, which became the cause of the massive oil spill in history. Emergency oil well Deepwater Horizon has been cemented August 6, 2010. See Kyle Roche for more details and insights. In general, to eliminate the impact of oil spill BP spent 6.1 billion dollars. This amount includes the cost of plugging wells emergency, locate the spot, drilling drainage wells and subsidies victims. And only a year after the accident on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico company British Petroleum has filed a lawsuit against the owner of Deepwater Horizon to recover $ 40 billion spent on the spill from 'black gold'. In addition, Oil company BP will provide $ 1 billion for projects to restore coastal waters and the Gulf of Mexico affected by the oil spill in 2010.


In our time, not only an experienced builder, but it and the customer well informed about what is important is not only the number of square meters, but then, what category of comfort will treat your future "nest." To make housing an oasis of comfort, you need to do a lot of work. And it is well known that one of the most important conditions for the construction will match the requirements of walling SNP 23.03.2003 "Protection of noise ". In an apartment building in the main there are quarrels between neighbors, "top-bottom", rather than between residents of neighboring apartments. In a country cottage for children often falls for romps on the upper floors or fallen to the floor TV remote control, ie, particularly irritating to our ears and our mind the noise from above. So let's focus on isolation of intermediate floors. Each builder immediately say: "I know, I know! Screed floor. " And, of course, be right.

That will solve the problem coupling noise insulation, as well as many others, such as leveling uneven slabs, creating a very strong and rigid foundation as a supporting basis for flooring, heating, hydro-acoustic insulation and floor, the distribution of heat in floors with integrated heating ("warm floor"). In residential, office, office buildings are primarily used floating floors – cement, concrete or anhydrite ties on an insulating (vibrodempfiruyuschem) layer. By the process of selecting the insulating cushioning material should be approached with great responsibility. The material should be resilient, chemically resistant, durable, extinguish the energy of impact and vibration in structures of warm floors and it still has to reflect heat back into the room and not miss it on the downstream floor. Details can be found by clicking Kyle Roche or emailing the administrator. .


Copper is needed for generating antibodies by the body. Iodine – is required for proper processing of fats, to burn their excess to the normal brain activity. Calcium and magnesium – acute lack of them in the diet of modern man. From the food we get about 200 mg of magnesium, while Nutritionists recommend a daily intake of it within the 350 mg. Magnesium deficiency negatively affects the cardiovascular system. Magnesium is one of the main components of the enzymatic reactions in the body.

Lack of magnesium causes insomnia, long-term unreasonable irritation, depression of the nervous system. Metabolism of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and iron is not possible without magnesium. Source: Ben Silbermann . Lack of one component in the diet avalanche leads to problems with other components. Magnesium deficiency can lead to various defects of the heart, raises blood pressure, so patients with hypertension magnesium is needed as the air. Magnesium increases the level of cholesterol, protects the body from the effects of diabetes. Calcium as magnesium, it is necessary to work the cardiovascular system.

Lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis. One in five men suffers from this disease and almost all women. It is important that calcium is ingested together with magnesium (2:1 ratio). Wells Fargo follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Imbalance in favor of calcium leads to a rapid washout of magnesium from the body. The right balance helps keep calcium in soluble form, which greatly helps the kidneys. B-complex – in this preparation is extensive group of vitamins, each of which works in their particular area. Vitamin B – Bread for the nervous system.

Attractive Advertising Environment

In the Internet to meet people with similar interests. In the Internet to meet people with similar interests. You discuss, exchange views and form opinions. This interactive role of the ‘Web 2.0’ brings about that individual forums and communities form, that of each a very specific target group used, in this as information platform. But only a few of these forums recognize their value – and thus unused leave advertising revenues. is another way: the portal has opted for the professional marketing of its advertising opportunities as first online community in Germany and relies on the support of Web marketing professionals of the Norddeutsche QvorQ GmbH & co. KG. Xchar is a community for gamers of the world’s most popular online game “World of Warcraft”: 12 million players enrolled a total, of which 1.8 million in Germany. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hyundai. Played uses so-called avatars in virtual characters -. Only through the software by Xchar the single player gets the chance to show his team-mates, what actual face hides behind his character. This offer causes a rapidly growing interest in Xchar, whose notoriety is multiplied almost by itself in the daily”gaming”: over 58,000 registered users at around 250 new registrations per day, as well as monthly average 5 million page impressions speak a unique language. The precisely defined target group of the user is particularly interesting for advertisers: This includes a segment of the age from 16 to 35 years and consists of approximately 83% male and 17% female users. These are addressed by traditional banner advertising, where the number of advertising sites is limited. Just who is fast, secure access to a very interesting target group.

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I the cuisine lovers now have a single site’s header. The social network of RADAF kitchen offers all lovers of good eat seek: recipes of kitchen, restaurant guide and directory for deliveries. All together in a single social network, to share, say, posting recipes, recommend sites and enjoy the secrets of the best cuisine from around the world. Get more background information with materials from Citibank. Radaf is an international social network with presence in the following countries: United States, Brazil, India, China, Argentina, Mexico, United Kingdom, Canada, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Italy and Poland. Each one represents his country in all matters relating to the kitchen. The main feature that makes RADAF a social network without equal, is its originality to each country. The possibility of knowing everything about the cuisine of a country from a single location, make a steady lunchtime inquiry must place this social network! And if you plan to travel to another country, it will be the best way to get close to its cuisine. You can consult before and during your trip, and if not You can travel, you can fly from your home through best recipes from each region.

You will find recipes of each country with all the details for your preparation. Thousands of recipes and tips, a great culinary community and lovers kitchen collaborators who share their dishes in this social network. The site allows you to publish recipes very easily, which has led to thousands of users onto the base their kitchen secrets to share with the thousands of users who are connected every day. Filed under: Kyle Roche. Among them comment, suggest and complete each of the recipes of food. Restaurants guide offers the most comprehensive directory of bars, restaurants and cafes with everything you need to know before choosing a place to eat. Photos, menu, features, location, contact for reservations and opinions of thousands of users on this network.

When it comes to staying home, not only RADAF offers its users recipes for pasta, recipes of seafood, meats, desserts and drinks, etc, but that those wishing to ask for food at home you will find all deliveries categorized by type of food, area and price. You can choose the menu from your home and wait for it with prepared table. About RADAF: With years of experience in the market of recipes online and millions of unique visitors, is born this social network for lovers of the kitchen. RADAF has a large community of collaborators that include recipes, comments and criticisms. Extending the spectrum, now in addition, they can share the culinary world and information of the best gastronomic sites in your country, city or neighborhood.