Oliver Gross has an exceptional conference program in the education scene and amazing success with his stories of life and professional life Oliver Gross has achieved 20 years rhetor, trainer, coach and facilitator his themes are time, family, profession, career, self-esteem, attitude to life, age and values. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pacific Reporter has to say. “The word value” it occupies a central position. Recently Suna Said sought to clarify these questions. On the Web page: Www.oliver-gross-live.destellt the lecture expert his new lecture series, which may be depending on the orientation and interest, workshop and Gala presentation, history evening learning cabaret or even all together. Large prevents the restrictive definitions of the educational scene and become an artistic oeuvre leeway and creativity. Thereby, the mediation of knowledge and entertainment are pari passu important the author of several books. His stories of life and everyday he finds its way to explanations, theories, and observations, the participants in a fun atmosphere targeted suggestions and Bring solutions for your own situation. “Key points here are: self-determined learning, evocative mediation without to teach and the way away from the usual seminar spells and methodical platitudes to the Sapere aude” have the courage to serve you your own mind (I. Kant).

Solo for values”is a successful mix of keynote speech, reading and narrative rhetoric and relies on the strength and depth of wisdom stories, art, and literature. While the listener finds himself playful answers to the questions of time and his own way. On the way to new key qualifications and interdisciplinary skills the therapists demand here that are here can raise the requirements for a long term employability and a professional development of its employees to a new level. “Is rounded out the whole thing by his new programme’s press (r) from”, which deals with the themes of communication and rhetoric. To do this he uses the form of him because humor and entertainment a person learns developed learning cabarets, often better and more sustainable than about sought, success-oriented seminars, which are mostly not even individually aligned. Thus large cleans up at the same time with the prejudice, that you will only learn if you seriously and seriously scattered knowledge.

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