Bank Production

I begin it had had you vary difficulties, the indians, the closed bushes, courses d? water, the annual floods that paralyzed the works almost completely, and exactly thus the construction got average one annual kilometers, another complication was in the distance considerable that covered the materials for the construction that they came of Bauru and Saints. If you are not convinced, visit PayNet. Had all these difficulties, are that perhaps the project of the Railroad, was very different of the thought one. The Bank of the Union of So Paulo possua a Federal concession for the construction of a Railroad, binding the railroad to the Federal Capital. However the economy at the time was not favorable for enterprises of such importance, and the TVE the programming until the incorporations of the Company Road of Iron the Brazil Northwest. Of the sprouting of the Railroad to its implantation in Brazil the Industrial Revolution, that if it mainly processed in the Europe and in England from century XIX, appeared when the means of production, until then dispersed in small manufactures, had been concentrated in great plants, as result of the job of the machine in the production of merchandises. (A valuable related resource: Ben Silbermann). Numerous inventos, appeared in the previous century, had allowed this occasion of progress.

Among them, they are distinguished it invention of the mechanical sewing press for Edmund Cartwright, in 1785, revolutionizing the fabric manufacture, and the machine the vapor for James Watt, perfecting the discovery of Newcomen, in 1705. The increase of the volume of the production of merchandises and the necessity to carry them, with rapidity, to the consuming markets, had made with that the English entrepreneurs gave to support George Stephenson (1781-1848), that the first one presented its first locomotive in 1814.Foi that got resulted concrete with the construction of locomotives, giving beginning to the age of the railroads. Stephenson, English engineer, constructed ' ' Locomotion' ' , that, in 1825, a railroad composition tracionou passing through between Stockton and Darlington, in a passage of 15 kilometers, to a speed next to the 20 hourly kilometers.

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