Baroque and Rococo

Egypt and the middle east are full of are very special and expensive The Baroque art more than a period is a cultural movement that spread in the literature, sculpture, painting, dance and music, which is framed in a context where the Catholic Church had to react against the many revolutionary movements antiquities emerging . It appears antiquities dealers from 1600 to 1750. The human figure widely developed the concept of foreshortening, so that the composition is free of rigid rules. Baroque painters were inspired by nature, not idealized, if not representing it realistically and with full force (as reflected in the light and color), the aerial perspective is most significant, moreover, the surface planes are replaced by a profound vision .The painting The Three Ages and Death of Hans Baldung Grien is an example in this death scene bald, toothless and with bellies full of worms, grabs the arm of an old woman to take her away, while dragging the old a young grumpy-looking and harnessed with necklaces at the feet of these women is a sleeping baby, under the broken spear of Death. In The Three Graces by Paul Rubens antiquities auction saw a group of women depicted at a particular time, we observe the dynamics of her pose in the elevation of the feet, the curvature of the back in the position of the most interesting brazos.Lo this picture is the female anatomy very obese and lean meat, contrary to the canons renaissance of Greco-Roman beauty or perfection.This does not generalize that Baroque artists have this conception of female beauty, such as Diego Velazquez, in his painting The Toilet of Venus antiquities for sale depicts a woman with slim figure, soft skin, smooth, youthful, provocative and erotic self-portraits the admiration of beauty through the mirror of pride or lust. Rococo Art was born in France and develops progressively between 1730 and 1760.This period is defined by the preference for bright colors, soft and clear predominant forms inspired by nature, in mythology, the beauty of the naked bodies in Oriental art and especially in matters of gallantry and love. It is an art which deals with mundane matters of everyday life and human relations is a style that aims to reflect what is pleasant, refined, exotic and sensual, integrating all the arts: architecture, gardening, painting, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, tapestries and silverware. The symbolic indications of Egyptian antiquities lust and love without brakes are multiple in Rococo painting, underground denote as usual in the eighteenth century romantic relationships.

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