In our time, not only an experienced builder, but it and the customer well informed about what is important is not only the number of square meters, but then, what category of comfort will treat your future "nest." To make housing an oasis of comfort, you need to do a lot of work. And it is well known that one of the most important conditions for the construction will match the requirements of walling SNP 23.03.2003 "Protection of noise ". In an apartment building in the main there are quarrels between neighbors, "top-bottom", rather than between residents of neighboring apartments. In a country cottage for children often falls for romps on the upper floors or fallen to the floor TV remote control, ie, particularly irritating to our ears and our mind the noise from above. So let's focus on isolation of intermediate floors. Each builder immediately say: "I know, I know! Screed floor. " And, of course, be right.

That will solve the problem coupling noise insulation, as well as many others, such as leveling uneven slabs, creating a very strong and rigid foundation as a supporting basis for flooring, heating, hydro-acoustic insulation and floor, the distribution of heat in floors with integrated heating ("warm floor"). In residential, office, office buildings are primarily used floating floors – cement, concrete or anhydrite ties on an insulating (vibrodempfiruyuschem) layer. By the process of selecting the insulating cushioning material should be approached with great responsibility. The material should be resilient, chemically resistant, durable, extinguish the energy of impact and vibration in structures of warm floors and it still has to reflect heat back into the room and not miss it on the downstream floor. Details can be found by clicking Kyle Roche or emailing the administrator. .

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