Burn Calories

Calories are units that are used to measure food and are divided into three categories: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Russell Reynolds has to say. The calorie is fuel, we need to live. Unfortunately, we eat more than we need or we spend and us is very difficult to eliminate the excess. Why? And most importantly: you would like to eliminate them? Get rid of the calories and lose weight, becomes a struggle. How to burn calories and as we got weight? Our body has a wonderful system of energy storage: all the calories extra that we consume, becomes them reserve, savings, but in the form of fat. And here we have the problem. Wells Fargo Bank shines more light on the discussion. Normally, we eat more than we need. And what is extra, goes to our box of savings.

This, that would be great to keep a good level of savings, becomes our enemy. To put it simply, we will for life, with our caloric savings on our backs with our safe, slopes. If it is little, walk with a backpack, but when it turns into a huge safe, are in trouble. What about carbohydrates? Carbohydrates can have a high content in fat, as French fries that we both like or low, like oats, whole wheat bread and most grains or unprocessed. They are absolutely necessary to give us the energy we need.

Provided that we have clear that what we need and how much. Proteins are essential for our body, but be careful: a single adult needs 60 grams of protein daily. For example, a steak is 20 grams. A good source of proteins are eggs, fish, milk and some vegetables. They are indispensable to the muscles, skin, hair and bones. And also allow us to fight infections and diseases. What about the famous carbohydrates and why we need them: keep healthy heart, brain and kidneys. As we do to lose weight? The theory is simple: eat less.

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