Coca Cola

That is Twitter and how you can help me in my business? Is Twitter a tool that was created to keep in touch with family and friends, based on a single question that you’re doing? However, quickly business people realized the potential that this was, and how could be even more powerful than Facebook. The simple answer to this question cannot be more than 140 characters, which in a way is good: if it were longer we do not read it, and if it were shorter does not reach to draw attention, or to expose our idea properly. How can we leverage our business? Imagine being able to send a text (SMS) message to millions of people. You may find Andi Owen to be a useful source of information. It is like a constant advertising campaign, live and direct. And the simplicity of the site does not fool you. Twitter is creating relationships, and especially to publish useful links to your audience or market niche.

It is a mere platform of connection between your audience and what they want to show you. Now, the recommendation for anyone who wants to use it as a Marketing and business tool: positioning. In simple words, the concept of positioning in Marketing refers to gain a position in people’s minds: the coveted Top of Mind. Each person has their own top of Mind when you think of a product or service. Refers to the 5 brands that we immediately think when we talk about a product or service.

If think about drinks queue, my top of Mind has to Coca Cola first, then to Pepsi, and then to others. If I think about cars, I have BMW, Peugeut, Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes. If I think of social media I have Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, and so on. If you would like to position you on Twitter? It establishes a topic to be treated, and then provides useful information on this topic, through links to various web sites. For example, if you want that your topic is health, because you’re in this industry, then investigates the Web and find pages and articles on health and well-being, and share them with the world. Don’t start promoting your own web site. Why you say this? Because if you do it Thus, you will lose credibility and fall into the mistake everyone make. You should start by showing you as someone selfless that you want to be useful to others. If you promote your own sites all the time, you will become a spammer.Is what the idea? Publishes useful links, and in your Twitter profile puts your website or your blog, to which you want to direct people. They will see your post and if you find it useful, make click on your profile to know more about you, and by consequence. make click in your web site. In this way you will achieve your goal: that people want to find you, and not be you who tries to convince them to review your site.

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