Creating the sequel

Creating the sequel XX Because of the success that the 1976 film King Kong was harvested in both Henry film and television in his passes, the renowned Italian producer Dino De Launrentiis reunited with director John Guillermin to try to replicate the success of the first. Both Laurentiis as Guillermin wanted to roll back a new success that greening their laurels, and perhaps create a new movie franchise. This time did not have the support of a large multinational Paramount, the film was produced by De Laurentiis Entertainment Fay Grim Group (DEG). This time the script was written by a virtually unknown by Steven Pressfield and Ronald Shusett latter was Henry Fool the one who wrote the argument and history of the well-known movie Alien passenger in 1979.He did not repeat any of the actors from the first delivery and then the tape was starring Linda Hamilton, who two years earlier gained fame for his role in James Cameron’s film “Terminator”, and the actor Brian Kerwin, quite unknown to international audiences, but popular on U.S. television, having participated in several episodes of the series “Murder, She Wrote It” starring Angela Lansbury. In the section on special effects Carlo ROMBALDI repeated by Oscar-winning FX ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), Alien Passenger (1979) and the same King Kong (1976). It had the same promotion as its predecessor, which was a pioneer as regards the marketing of films. Among the slogan of the sequel: Legendary Kong is Back! and the greatest of heroes is back and is very angry …. Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the premiere of the first installment, opens King Kong Lives.

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