Cuban Countries

AS had been CUBA = many times I wonder, that it would have been our island if Fidel Castro had not it nullified and destroyed in its entirety.-with a fertile land, many natural resources, but above all with the intelligence and creativity of the Cuban people.-Cubans have always been smart and hard-working people. With minds privilegeadas, much higher than other countries. Nearly 50 years ago, when Cuba was still a country free from the clutches of communism, existed in Havana television stations, very shortly after the commencement of television in the United States of America, and long before it existed in Latin America, the Caribbean and many other countries. The sugar of cane and sugar production, exceeded in all countries of the world, as well as the industry of tobacco, which was famous in the whole world. Both so, – which even in 1917 Cuba already had 4,600 kilometers of public railways, and close to 2,000 kilometers of roads. Havana had 5,000 cars of rent, and there were thousands of cars more, belonging to private individuals. There was a system educational democratic that went from public school to the University level.-1942, revenues by tax tax had gone up to 150 million dollars, and the value of the buildings was almost 93 million dollars, despite the shortage of materials for construction due to the second world war. It fostered the livestock, rice production, trees fruit trees, etc. During the Government of Fulgencio Batista, (a few years before the arrival of Fidel), nearly 50 years ago, the exclusive stores of Havana exibian clothes from the most famous designers in the world.-wealthy individuals, as well as artist of cinema in many countries, especially the United States, went to Cuba to buy these exclusive designs-many famous designerssuch as Christian Dior, Gucci, Sant Laurent, etc., escogian to Cuba to submit new designs, due to the famous industry tourism in Cuba, where visitors enjoyed from the most beautiful beaches of the world, as well as gaming Casinos, hotels and natural beauties.

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