Direction Conscription

Normally the external election search to bring for the company an inexistent candidate with experiences and abilities until then in the organization. This type of necessary conscription to approach the market of human resources in necessary way, in the direction to attract the candidates whom it desires to enlist (SHERMAN et al, 2003). This form of conscription possesss an enormous number of candidates with the most varied types of experiences and abilities, spread for the market of human resources. Its scope of performance is great uses several techniques to attract the candidates who need. Details can be found by clicking Wells Fargo Bank or emailing the administrator. It is treated, therefore, to choose the forms most adequate to find the candidates desired. The conscription process starts with the candidate presenting its resume to the company.

Good organizations always are made use to receive candidates, exactly that it does not have chances at that moment. (CHIAVENATO, 1999). The conscription is not important only for the organization. It is a process of bilateral communication. The candidates desire information necessary on as he will be to work in this company. For its side, the organization desires to know that type of employee will be candidate, case is contracted. Both the sides send signals on the relations in the work. The candidates signal that they are good competitors and they must receive offers of job; also they try to get of the organization the information so that they decide or not to enter for it.

The organizations signal that they are good places to work (MILKOVICH; BOUDREAU, 2000, p 163). This type of conscription possesss diverse positive aspects that must be taken in consideration, such as, the introduction of new talentos in the organization, enrichment of the human patrimony, increase of the intellectual capital when including new individuals and the renewal of the organizacional culture (CHIAVENATO, 1999). Of negative points in this type of conscription we find a fall in the motivation of inserted employees already in the organization and reduction of its allegiance, as well as is necessary the use of selective techniques for the choice of the new candidates, that in turn becomes much more custoso, delayed unsafe, if compared with the internal conscription.

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