Door Designs

Doors has recently been exceptionally functional element in the house. Just a rectangular flap, painted with paint, sometimes with a glass insert – is unlikely that it can be considered as part of the interior. Gradually so as to change our ideas about housing, have changed and the requirements for the door. About the important role they play in a modern interior, can be judged by their diversity. Doors are now making from the array and veneers of different species of wood, glass, plastic, aluminum. Also vary in size and design features. If it is a non-standard sizes, the first thing we have in mind the height of the door. So if necessary, it can reach 3 meters.

As to their structural features, by way of opening, they can be hinged, sliding, folding, etc. At this point all depends on the whim of the customer. However, even conventional swing door standard sizes can carry an original idea, to become one of the key parts of your home. From the moment interroom door was the subject of creative designers, began a new era in art interiors. Unlimited fantasy artist can not simply enter the item into the surrounding space, but make it a space is formed. The highlight of the door design can be as insertion of stained glass, giving birth to interesting lighting effects, or the ability to mask the leaf, or the original hardware, or a unique pattern produced by veneering. The modern approach to interior design allows you to experiment and create different versions of a combination of colors and styles.

Elite doors are usually made to order, in accordance with the concept of the future interior. In a question-answer forum Ruth Porat was the first to reply. First, however, designers are creating their author's collections, indicating new trends and placing accents. Wide open field for experimentation, thanks to the variety of interior doors. This makes it possible embodiment of the set technical and stylistic solutions that use a variety of materials. The company's designers leto constantly working to create new collections. Now they have six – it rilievo, naturale, elemento, parete, quadro and pulizia. Doors in each collection are embodiment of any meaningful ideas for their author. For example, for naturale key point – it's finish veneer. The beauty and natural fabrics play a major role. And the author's door quadro – not just the door, but the real work of art. parete – doors built into the portal with a flow of relief pattern on the wall. Door disguised in a space with wall panels, which help mask the door. You can have different attitudes to the idea of creating such Copyright doors here. Many believe that the door must first fulfill its mission and meet such requirements solely as durability, reliability and longevity. However, opening the door for us the future, designers remind us about our distant past, when any functional element of the room is solved as a product of the artist. And the beauty and harmony are the most important criteria. And it's wonderful that modern Designer doors allow us to again look at life from this angle.

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