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Activities The center of the Information Network of Native Plants (NPIN) is the largest database with information on native plants in the country. The database NPIN provides horticultural and botanical information on more than 7,000 species. It has a simple and efficient interface that allows users to find plants by name, period of flowering, delivery, growth, growth form or a combination of traits. NPIN also provides a gallery of pictures, always growing, with more than 17,000 images, a national directory of suppliers, the national directory of organizations, the national calendar of events, journals, and asking where expert opinion Visitors can ask questions.Its programs of restoration of land use science to restore ecological systems in the areas damaged, degraded or even destroyed, and thus restore balance to the landscape. He offers his consulting services for corporate and government customers. The center also offers extensive educational programs about both children and adults. Among its special collections is noteworthy nursery seedlings of species of wildflowers commercially viable. Maintain aBank seed germination capacity of half term with 50 species (1994 figures).

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