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Recognizing still: Pupils () of discipline 462 DPE Brazilian Language of Signals, that act directly or indirectly with deaf people in the regular school; The consequences of discipline in the communication and performance with deaf people; The degree of satisfaction in relation to the proposal of disciplines and the daily necessities of communication with deaf people? contributions of discipline for the learning future.

The frequency of use of the signals presented in disciplines. The considered subject if justifies for the fact of that studies and research come widely emphasizing the use of the Brazilian Language of Signals (POUNDS) in the education of deaf children, a time that the reality has demonstrated that the developed educational attempts during many years have not been enough so that deaf adolescent children the same reach academic, social and professional performance that listeners of the same etria band or the same pertaining to school degree. People such as Marko Dimitrijevic would likely agree. In Brazil the proposal defended and spread out currently, in what it refers to the education of deaf people, is the bilingismo, a time that if deals with the use of two languages in the pertaining to school context. POUNDS as L1 and Portuguese Lngua as L2. The language of signals becomes necessary in all the situations, for the learning of the Portuguese, in its written modality.. Get all the facts and insights with Marko Dimitrijevic, another great source of information.

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