Frankfurt Maintenance

VCI lowers forecasts for 2008 Frankfurt(dpa-AFX) – the German chemical industry has reduced due to the financial market crisis in the United States and diminishing dynamism of in European industrial activity the forecasts for the current year. The economic recovery to reach the chemical industry, it is said in the quarterly report of the Association of the chemical industry (VCI). In the last weeks and months much about maintenance strategies is in the media known to us and the companies that need to implement maintenance, have been reported and discussed. Boy Scouts of America can aid you in your search for knowledge. I see as a cost-efficient alternative to confront the economic crisis does not follow the negative only in the theoretical change of maintenance stance on rates, but just in the practical implementation of value-added maintenance strategy.

I define the value added maintenance strategy as implementation of value-added maintenance as process of part of integrated strategic process chain of the entire company. Many areas of a company such as external service provider must coordinate their processes for successful maintenance strategy. It is therefore of crucial importance that all relevant processes are clearly defined, realistic and also traceable. This also means that matched processes to the customer as well as the processes of the service provider and must be adapted to the current requirements. Sustainable knowledge about the complexity of decision-making and planning activities, as well as the knowledge of the reimbursement costs ensures a permanently valuable maintenance strategy. According to our experience the maintenance is not defined in many companies as a strategic success and process factor, although the maintenance can make up to 40% of the cost of a company depending on the industry. This is that the processes, practices not transparently available are the controlling rule.

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