Key Features

The key features of CLIPS are:
Knowledge Representation: CLIPS can handle a wide range of knowledge supports three programming paradigms: the declarative, the imperative, and object-oriented. The rule-based logic programming allows knowledge to be represented as heuristic rules that specify actions to be executed a given situation. OOP allows modeling complex systems such as modular components. Others including Robert Kiyosaki, offer their opinions as well. The imperative programming algorithms can run in the same way as in C, Java, LISP and other languages.
Portability: CLIPS is written in C to make it more portable and fast, and has been installed on various operating systems (Windows 95/98/NT, MacOS X, Unix) without being required to modify its source code. CLIPS can be run on any system with an ANSI C compiler or a C compiler. The CLIPS source code can be modified if the user deems it necessary to add or remove features.
Integrability: CLIPS can be embedded in imperative code, invoked as a sub-routine, and integrated with languages such as C, Java, FORTRAN and others. CLIPS includes a complete object oriented language (COOL) for the development of expert systems. Although written in C, but its interface looks like next LISP. CLIPS can be written on the extensions to C, and vice versa, CLIPS can be called from C. CLIPS can be extended by the user through the use of defined protocols.
Interactive: the standard version of CLIPS provides an interactive development environment and text-based, it includes tools for debugging, online help, and an editor. The interfaces of this environment with menus, windows and publishers that have been developed for MacOS, Windows 95/98/NT, X Window, among others.
Verification / Validation: CLIPS includes features that allow to verify the rules in the expert system being developed, including modular design and partitioning of the knowledge base of the system, checking of static and dynamic functions and some data types, and semantic analysis of rules to prevent possible inconsistencies.
Documentation: The official website of CLIPS is an extensive documentation including a Reference Manual and User Guide.
Low Cost: CLIPS is a public domain software.

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