Laminated Plywood

When the plywood is the process of lamination, it is covered with synthetic film (high-density paper impregnated with synthetic resin, for example, phenolic or melamine). As a result, plywood is well protected from chemical and other influences. With its unique characteristics, laminated plywood used in many areas: from the manufacture of billboards and fencing and to the shipbuilding, automotive and railcar. Most-laminated plywood used in concrete construction as formwork necessary to give the required form monolithic blocks and reinforced concrete structures, which are produced on construction site. Laminated veneer is characterized by high wear resistance, which allows you to reuse it as a formwork. High-quality laminated plywood at the same time allows us to obtain 'Smooth as glass' concrete surface without the need for further processing, and used more than 100 times with proper care.

On plywood, phenolic film coated on one side can be applied net reefing. This plywood is used where you want to wear, durable, non-slip surface. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rick Dad, Poor Dad offers on the topic.. Decking can be made of iron, plastic, wood and laminated veneer. The most important factors when choosing material is the surface quality, cost and reliability. Of course, not all the criteria of laminated veneer material better than others, but overall her advantage.

So what is it expressed. First, the laminated Plywood has a small mass. As a result, greatly simplifies the process of transportation and installation. Secondly, the humidity. Laminated plywood is made from sheets of wood veneer glued phenol-formaldehyde glue and coated synthetic film. The ends of plywood painted with waterproof paint. All this prevents moisture, so it does not lose its technical characteristics and geometric dimensions. Third, the surface wear-resistant laminated plywood and depending on the density of the phenol formaldehyde film maintains a certain number of cycles of use. Fourthly, the surface film on the plywood does not let dirt and easy to clean, which increases maintainability. Fifthly, laminated plywood is resistant to hostile environments and at some point in their characteristics than even metal.

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