Legal Aid Commission

If within fifteen days a decision on s application is not made, you can repeat it. His hearing and determining procedures for the Commission of Legal Aid. The Legal counseling services the bar examine the documemtion presented and appreciated if insufficient or defects in the application, grant the applicant within 10 days to correct them. If not remedied, the petition is filed. Acceptance of the application, the Bar provisionally designate an attorney and if mandatory action by proxy, shall notify the College of attorneys for the three days following his appointment. Made the relevant checks and collected the information it considers necessary to verify the accuracy and reality of data declared by the applicant, the Legal Aid Commission issues a resolution that recognizes or denies the right to legal aid.

If you recognize the right: Confirms interim appointments barrister and solicitor or communicated to the respective professional bodies that decision for appointment. If not granted the right: The designations supersede the interim and the applicant must designate a lawyer and solicitor of their choice and must pay the fees and charges payable at that time. If the lawyer untenable claim designated for the defense believes that the lawsuit or cause the citizen intends to start is unsustainable, that is not possible defense in court began proceedings before the Legal Aid Commission with the participation of the prosecutor and the Bar Association to determine if: appointing a new attorney who is obliged to defend him, refusing to benefit unsustainable of the claim.

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