Managing Director

Again the VDI at CeBIT warned 2012, that with the skills shortage in the IT industry was no relief in sight. On the contrary, were vacant in December 2010 still 21000 points, were in the same month in the year 2011 already over 30,000 jobs, which found no buyers. The reasons are mostly that there are too few graduates in Germany and the companies seek other qualifications, as is taught in universities or in training as an it specialist. So, the Bremen-based company uses such as computer languages, which offer distinct advantages in the processing of large amounts of data. Source: Bill Phelan. These languages are also used by other software companies, for example in game development, air traffic control or in the auto industry, only they are no longer taught.

On the question of whether the company ever worked with headhunters, says the Managing Director of Fairtrade signal GmbH, Jurgen Mittelstaedt: we don’t have no yet both for moral reasons, we also do not want, that our people will be hired, as well as financial reasons, where the ethical considerations outweigh. Rather, we give part of the money, that we otherwise would pay to headhunters, to ordinary people who help us.” With a smile, Schenck added: A social media recruitment campaign we find actually quite natural. The idea that someone knows someone who might want to work for us, obvious, Yes, we have just the incentive to think about, something attractive.” Finally it is still noted that employees of trade signal, in contrast to the usual procedure, not by this action are excluded. You can participate up to the 22.06.12, there is more detailed information under 10000. Well then, happy hunting! Contact: Fairtrade signal GmbH Linzer Strasse 11, D-28359 Bremen phone: + 49 (0) 421 / 20 10 9-0 fax: + 49 (0) 421 / 20 10 9-12

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