Managing Director

Professional project management brings advantages in global competition and stands for economic success through successful project management Munich/Aachen / Stuttgart, February 10, 2012. Can do, the P3 engineering company and Integrata signed a cooperation for the integrated implementation of project management. From a single source, the three leading companies together provide up to comprehensive all important elements for a successful project management – from the planning software of high quality implementation and consulting services coaching & training. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo Bank. This is the basis for a successful project, which has proved to be a decisive advantage in global competition. Personnel and successful implementation of the project optimized use of personnel, increase in profits due to successful project management and cost control through transparent processes is more efficient that only a selection of benefits that can bring a successfully implemented project management through the P3 engineering company, Integrata and can do with it. Basis It is the structured and coordinated action of the three companies that includes a holistic approach to processes, organization and software. By the uniform approach to the implementation of project management can at the operational level as a work method introduced or deepened, adapted to the organizational structures and a professional software solution integrated into the existing IT landscape.

Professional project management as a basis for economic success through the holistic implementation approach based on method, structure, training and software, and their coordination with each other, we can provide a tailored project management from one source our customers, that effectively and efficiently support the processes in the company”, says Bjorn Sellschopp, Managing Director of the P3 aviation GmbH. thanks to the cooperation we are able to offer project management holistically our customers. The fact that we methods and software training directly to the practical implementation in the Company vote, we can improve the project competence of the staff immediately and sustainably”, emphasizes Ingmar.

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