Marketing Ideas

It will be a contest? Then, pay attention to the following tip: the choice of the theme of the contest must respond to the interests of the public. Of course, there will also be a prize for the winner and it may be an interesting variable. But it is not the reason of weight by which participants enroll. The contestant seeks to showcase his work, seeks the recognition of people, access the popularity, these are the grand prizes. Therefore, the theme should be duly analyzed for success with this special. 4 Gifts. You like to receive gifts? Therefore, to their clients also.

Here also the ideas that can generate many. We see several suggestions: If you are a freelancer offers a free consulting (first consultation or meeting free of charge). Do you already offer one normally? Then, offer a duplicate consulting: double the bet to your customer, provide the possibility of interviewing with you by double of what you normally do. Treat an eBook with their articles published during the year. I assure that it is a gift very appreciated by customers. Other ideas for ventures of products: assemble a mini-boletin with sites on the Internet in which your customer can buy your gifts online.

Alternatively, include business or commercial centers that are offering special promotions. This information is gold for their clients. Also there will be passed to you that there are gifts that do not know where to buy them, right? A clarification: this bulletin includes data from other companies, is not a catalog of yours. Remember that here we’re giving away, not literally selling. Other: assemble baskets with free samples of their products. If you been promoted through free samples during the year, you will still have some that can be leveraged for baskets. Add your thank you note. To publicize our company can and should be fun for you and your customer! Release your creativity and improve each of the ideas proposed. Speaking of gifts I want to give you a sentence of Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing, trust will be so inspiring for you as it is for me: produce something and not tell, is like the wink in the dark. I wish you success in your venture and a year full of bright ideas! to promote themselves Original author and source of the article.

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