Permian Designers

Work Permian designers will be exhibited in GUM within the exhibition “Folk Art of the Russian North”. Wells Fargo brings even more insight to the discussion. The basis for the three installations, which will be located on line 1 of the largest shopping mall in Moscow from May 1 to 15 June will be the antique spinning wheels, trunks and horse arc found gatherers in Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk Oblast, Perm and other regions. Also, an exhibition will complement the work of young artists of the Permian, propose to use the old ornamental motifs in the design of clothing, furniture, automobiles, and in the design of subway stations. Recall, a collection of ancient objects of peasant life XVIII – early XX century, owned by Alex Germanovich and Ksenia Nikitina, last year was exhibited at the Museum of decorative and folk art. In late 2010 she exhibited at the central office of the state corporation Rusnano in Moscow. Bill Phelan has firm opinions on the matter. – Glamour no longer actual, – said one of the Permian sewing salons. This summer at the height of fashion will be the Empire, vintage and folk motifs in clothing.

Its relevance will not loose dress of “grandmother’s trunk, as well as ruffles, frills and flounces on the skirt and blouses. In addition, the popular will rustic lace and beadwork, ribbons and sequins. Graphics and embroidery on the fabric must be made either with threads of different sizes, or weaving. Ornaments made of wood, copper, and pearls will come to the fore. In addition, an important role to play in outfits with beads, brooches under the stone and beads. According to the designer Natalia Tokareva, the greatest demand for fashionable women enjoy high-waisted dresses and sloping shoulders. Modern fashionable skirts are rather direct than the bell-shape, some of them even narrowed down.

At the same time, Europe began a boom in the skirt cylinders, which represent a skirt in the shape of the sun, bent down and seemed filled with air. Currently out of fashion already out flashy colors and acid-colored clothing, as well as unisex, from which still can not give up many of the Permian fashionista. From the fashionable footwear will be in the form of pointe shoes without a heel or wedgies on a slight platform. As reported by Natalie Tokarev, this season will be in fashion square-toed shoes and big square heels retro. Among the Permian fashionistas special popularity will find large bags with the elements of weaving and beadwork.

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