Many studies have been conducted with regard to motivation and health. Of them aims to help people who suffer from low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Research in the field of Psychology differentiated two types of motivation, motivation external and internal motivation. And they say, at the same time, though the external motivations, imposed by society, related to money, fame and power, those who found motivation in internal aspects, such as the personal satisfaction and fullness are psychologically more happy and healthy people. In that this research can help you? This study indicates that our ability to cope with stress can help us to prevent illness and promote good physical health. Through the observation failed to verify that some of these mechanisms to combat stress are inborn. You may wish to learn more. If so, Marko Dimitrijevic is the place to go. However these features can be taught to others who do not possess them and help them deal with stress, for example. NLP studies human behavior and the He noted then remove those that are positive for the human being and assembling role models to imitate.

These models can be transported to apply to other persons or to relocate to other areas of our lives, that sometimes we can not cope in the same positive way and with the same security. One of these tools to imitate, which have some human beings, of course, is the motivation. This can be used to combat negative aspects that lead to stress. Motivation is an instrument that we use daily, which allows us to survive: motivates us to go to work to be able to pay the Bills, to search for food because we have hunger or study to achieve higher goals in our lives. The way in which we respond to the demands of our own lives will depend on the way in which this impact on our health. How you qualify your in this area? It is proven that people who respond in life with negativity and anxiety are more likely to suffer physical effects such as anger, guilt, nervousness, frustration and fears. In turn, these emotions cause hypertension, high pressure, which can converge in a heart attack.

There are other complications such as ulcers, asthma and other diseases. If you want to know how to change a negative state in minute read my article: achieves a positive State in minutes! Another fact to take into account, was obtained by watching different people that showed perceive themselves as those that controlled their lives, their own destiny (in fact these people are auto-motivadoras). This type of people tend to feel that they have control, and similarly are responsible for what happens in their lives also. Why not blame other for its problems but that they automotivan to find a solution. This form of be the incentive to achieve their goals in life and achieve their goals. NLP aims to teach their patients to emulate these positive reactions to get motivated and find this source of willpower. Learn how to manage stress and use for this motivation will help you to meet your goals through conflict in a way easier and that will directly affect your physical and mental health in a radically positive way. If you want to learn an exercise to relax in a few minutes, read my article how to reduce stress with the NLP you will find many techniques to learn how to breathe, minefield, to soothe the stress and anxieties, and increase your self-esteem and my practical course of NLP. If you want to know the agenda of the same beam click here.

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