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SKILLbaudoc the innovative cloud solution with the Telekom receives innovation award 2012 Frankfurt graphical interface, 12 September 2012 within the framework of the Innovation Forum, which Deutsche Telekom and the German medium-sized industry association has organized at the 12.09.2012 in Berlin, SKILLsoftware was awarded with the first place of the Telecom of innovation award. SKILLsoftware started with mobile scheduling and project software and is a pioneer in cloud computing and Smartphone mobility today. Already in 2010 he-filed the mobile CRM software 2nd place of the renowned BlackBerry EMEA innovation awards. Companies such as Hale, Bureau Veritas, IVG the Squaire reference customers include”, Pfleiderer, guard man lifts, wodego, HAFI fittings, Bopp & Reuther safety valves, Durr and many more. We realized early that the cloud is the type of communication and work processes y changed”, said Edgar ROE of managing partner of SKILL. The mobile construction documentation for all smartphones and pads brings substantial Documents on the Baustel-le or in the technical system and allows fast digital work on architectural plans and sketches. NYU Law describes an additional similar source.

Plans or photos serve as orientation basis to mark orders, alterations and defects; they are plans directly to the correct location or on the component itself marked by markers, described and linked with data sheets. Additional information is available at Everest Capital. The execution or completion of a contract is documented the same application via photo. find it difficult to be quoted properly. The mobile application works offline and synchronizes after contributes using mobile phone with the Web application SKILLweb. All information are stored in a database, associated with the job and are available to all involved for the documentation, order verification or invoicing. Especially with our mobile engineering and technology – documentation software, we wanted to create just solutions for medium-sized companies and via the tool helping them to streamline work processes quickly and easily to the invoicing. The award shows us that We are on the right way so that and pleased all the more”, so Mathias steins COO of SKILLsoftware.

Application video: About SKILLsoftware: the SKILLsoftware GmbH is since 1991 a manufacturer and maintainer of specific CRM solutions, initiated innovative theory software practice training and sets standards in the CRM industry.

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