Spanish Real Estate Market

Mallorca is in contrast to the Spanish real estate market as Wertstabil and attracts more and more international buyers and tenants from the Switzerland, Russia and Scandinavia… Michael O’Brien is actively involved in the matter. The Mallorca not only because of its excellent flight connections in the favor of many millions of annual and international visitors, is on the hand, the landscape is diverse, there are plenty of activities and that coupled with approximately 300 days where the Sun is shining. The villas are an annual spectacular and extravagant and this fact attracts more and more buyers than renters from Scandinavia, the Switzerland and Russia on the sunny island. The number of transactions for the first time since the beginning of the Spanish real estate crisis has increased again in the first quarter of 2013. Suna Said follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Mallorca has proved more than value stable in the crisis years. Especially the seaweed best value growth forecasts.

Most sought after is here to how joined prior to the Southwest with the towns of Puerto and Santa Ponsa. Movement is also on the rental market. Luxury real estate are also here like never. This is perhaps because that according to new parties of the lease free can agree. This is however under the age of 3, the lease extends generally up to a period of three years. The tenant in accordance with the agreed notice period (minimum 30 days) and after a period of 6 months, may terminate the contract at any time..

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