Ordering Printed Products

Brilliance usually printed products for print use cmyk color layout, which consists of 4 components: C – Blue, M – magenta, Y – yellow, K – black. By mixing these components receives all spectrum of colors. Modern printing equipment allows us to reproduce it on the printed page. Not uncommon for print use ready-made spot color (Pantone – English. "Panton"), which can be selected for special directories (pontoon fan). Each hue has its own serial number (label), which consists of numbers and letters. Robert Kiyosaki wanted to know more.

The letter allows printers to understand, to print on what material is suitable, this paint. Since sheet has front and back, or rather 2-e band, and the marking of color in the printing industry uses some terminology: 4 +0 color printing only to persons (eg, full-color business cards) 4 +4 color printing to individuals and turnover (eg, double-sided leaflet) 1 +1 printing in one color (or Panton, or black) on both sides 1 +0 in one color from the face of the 5 +1 person: cmyk +1 paint (Panton), the turnover of a paint (Panton or any of CMYK) Paper Paper can be coated (glossy or matte), uncoated, with a texture (linen, hammer) and the so-called 'designer' paper, toned in a mass or with an unusual texture. On uncoated paper colors appear less bright, so the paper absorbs more Paint over chalk. Paper selected by the customer depending on the desired quality and product range. We are ready to offer any material of your choice. density of the coated paper g/m2 90 115 130 135 150 170 200 250 300 density offset Paper g/m2 80 100 120 140 200 220 g/m2 paperboard density 225240250280 Lamination Lamination process refinement sheet printed materials (paper, cardboard) by stamping a special film.

Waterman Business

Business card holders. Surely every head in the purse, purse or pocket, there a few business cards. That none of them was not lost, it is better to put them in a business card. Business card holder – a great gift manager. This business accessory comes in two forms: a large table card holder and a small pocket. The first is designed for office use, but the second form of business cards you can carry with them. Follow others, such as Bill Phelan, and add to your knowledge base.

Suitable for office application business card leatherette, with a still better to have a leather business card or an original metal container for business cards. Parker pens and Waterman. Writing utensils are a suitable gift for any business person, and, of course, including the head. Dear quality pen as a gift – it is not just a pleasant surprise, but a sign of good taste. It is best to give preference to the firm handles Parker or Waterman – a reliable manufacturers, who won fame throughout the world, and time tested. Parker pen will not only writing materials for your boss, but would be a great fashion phone accessory. Widest range of pens firm Parker will select a suitable handle and pricing policies, and design.

You can choose to handle any taste: a fountain pen, ballpoint, pen-rollerball. Parker pens have different surfaces: multilayer lacquer, gilding, brass, steel, and have a pen with platinum finish or a finish of chrome and many others. Waterman pen is not inferior in quality and clearance Parker. Pen Waterman – a written accessory of style and impeccable quality. The presence of a business person Waterman says his solidity. Pens Waterman, as well as Parker, presented in a wide range, they are functional and ergonomic. Gift flask. If your boss – a man, a great corporate gift for him would be a flask. Gift jar – it's practical and stylish present for men: it is useful for business trips and leisure. Deciding present head of a gift jar, it is important to know its relation to alcoholic beverages, as This gift will not do abstainers man. And also important that the leader did not consider it a present for negative allusion. Most common is the gift flask, covered with skin. There is also an original hunting, army canteen. If your boss is a connoisseur of good and quality items, you can give him a bottle of silver. Globe as a gift. Globe on your desktop person said that the owner of the office is interested, curious and indifferent to the science of man. If your boss has no such a fashion interior, then it sure will love this gift. And if your boss lover of travel, you can guess with a gift of one hundred percent! Personalizing gifts as popular wisdom: not important gift, and attention. Excellent opportunity please head of special attention – give him a personalized gift. Such a present delight and a female head and a man – in fact, doubly pleased to receive exclusive gifts, such as daily, business card holders, pen with your name or initials. From such a diversity of options for gifts subordinates easily confused. But, of course, employees are well aware of his head – his habits, his addictions. And so to determine the gift will be easy.

Office Grooming

Clever people said that in our world are only two truly infinite nature: our universe and human stupidity. In reality, there is another entity whose edges have not yet seen a single person. This cleaning premises. Dust and dirt collected in our homes and workplaces as if suddenly. And then look – a layer of dust, even suitable for writing with one finger.

Of course, it is permissible clean up personally. Once this is obtained exclusively at home, and in principle is not particularly full. Say cleaning carpeting – an event that correctly conveys the experts. Well, at least for the reason that most high-quality formulations that dirt will withdraw and destroy microbes, and the bright color of the carpet will remain in the sale you will not be able to find. Only professionals who work at a cleaning company to quickly and fully able to safely clean your carpets for a relatively small fee.

And yet, understandably, the main involvement of the master engaged in cleaning companies will be able to find in our office. After all, in ordinary contract employees of the organization is not spelled out washing windows and wipe the accumulated dust from the shelves. Moreover, if the office is located on a high floor of a skyscraper, then forcing employees to wash the frame can cause, including a sad occasion. Professionals are able to Wash the windows of any design and size in a short time and high quality. In addition, they involve the highest quality formulations for cleaning windows, offering them the opportunity to shine clean longer. General hire Masters of cleaning is much more practical than trying to personally. If only because of haste or inexperience, we often do not notice the small room where, after will be able to accumulate germs grow in number cockroaches or moss. If you ever need cleaning, there is some merit to create a contract not once but a permanent visiting your employees engaged in cleaning company. Here, in principle, no matter how many rooms and what exactly the size you need to keep a full clean. Cleaning the organization would try to take care of what you want the free space well. For owners of corporations, in principle, there is no alternative cleaning. Corporations of any kind are needed investors and business partners. Accordingly, all the enterprise is forced to look attractive to provoke the interest of business people to significant levels. Wizard Cleaning support the full purity is not only office space and facilities of public use, but also the area around the buildings, and along with parking. Subject to the availability of outlet cleaning in the state extend to the space intended for trading rooms and back rooms. In principle, impeccable cleanliness – to ensure preuspevaemosti. And to ensure purity can become seriously involved cleaning company.

Paper Bags Gift

Pleasure – here without what's hard for us to exist. If possible – bigger and better. Undoubtedly the acquisition and purchase – that's one of the most beloved of our pleasures. A need to purchase a decent packaging and design. Is it possible to imagine that not cheap Swiss watch or, for example, a belt of Santoni we incur in the normal CVP-pack? Perhaps only in a nightmare But in real life, a manufacturer of paper bags offer the consumer a huge number of different samples of their products. Official site: Ben Silbermann . And the thing purchased, packaged in a branded package please us immediately. Doubtless a surprise for a relative or friend will be packing in a colorful gift paper package.

Branded bags with company logo, Embossed – an indispensable attribute for corporate events. A gift for the director-friendly companies will gain the true value of high cost and rigorous in style, paper bag with a laminate. You need to make a firm package c logo of your organization? Picture your favorite cartoon character or a photograph of the child his girlfriend on a corporate package? Noun congratulations to the Chief in honor of the birthday of the company? This question helps to solve the printing industry, engaged in the production of paper bags. Manufacturing, delivery and printing company, and gift packages done quickly, promptly and in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Of course, it's not just the manufacture or sale of packages. Do not just packing and processing of gifts or gifts in these bags. This is a subtle taste. This art.

This is the style. Make your life bright and beautiful – let your gift is rich look. Since his arrival in 1869, the paper bags have changed their purpose. With the application in the form of everyday tool for ease of movement of small and medium-sized items and on the packaging for the transport of these items. Paper bag today – it's rather colorful original packing, rather than a tool to move anything. Therefore, when manufacture of paper bags gift actually apply all available and possible options for treatment of paper (and other) surfaces to give extra packages produced effects that help distinguish these packets from the "mob" of competitors. Modern technology offers a great choice for creative work in this direction – offset printing, lamination matte and glossy, blister varnish, embossing metallized and Pigments, uv varnish.