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Moreover, as much the demographic growth how much the economic one multiplies the uses of waters and makes to grow its demand. The man does not come if worrying in preserving and forgets that the water is an indispensable good for all the beings livings creature. Pollutions occur through aggressive extrativistas activities, launching of industrial and domestic and lixos sewers, thus generating problems as the scarcity and the transmission of many illnesses, mainly parasitic.

Although it is an abundant substance in our planet, some specialists alert for a possible collapse of the water reserves candy, that come if becoming a rarity in some countries WORDS KEYS: Support, Water, Awareness, Preservation ABSTRACT This article aims you inform the issues that have arisen with the waste of to water through its misuse being driven by lack of planning and lack of awareness of the human being who has been occupying lives disordered watersheds, and that ploughs slowly making to water unfit will be human consumption. In addition, both population growth and the economic you use of to water multiply and grow to their demand. Man has been concerned with preserving and forgets that to water is an essential will be all living beings. (Source: Caesars Entertainment). Pollution occur through aggressive extraction activities, dumping of sewage and industrial and domestic wastes, thus creating problems such shortages and transmission of many diseases, especially parasitic ones.

The Mathematics And The Day Of The Boyfriends

The Mathematics and the Day of the Boyfriends the Mathematics is present in everything and all the places, also in the Day of the Boyfriends. Questo1 exercises. The Day of the Boyfriends also is known by another name. Which? Reply: Day of They are Valentim. Question 2. Where date we commemorate the Day of the Boyfriends in Brazil? Reply: 12 of June.

Question 3. Where it dates Portugal commemorates the Day of the Boyfriends? Reply: 14 of February. Question 4. Which is the approach amount of cards with romantic messages that are ordered to each year in the Day of the Boyfriends? Reply: Approximately 1 billion of cards. Question 5. The women approximately buy eighty and five percent of all the gifts in Brazil. She writes this information of three different forms.

Reply: 85%, 85/100 and 0,85. Question 6. Why in Brazil we commemorate the Day of the Boyfriends in day 12 of June? Reply: For being eve of 13 of June, Day of Saint Antonio, Portuguese saint with casamenteiro tradition. Question 7. Which is the main objective of the Day of Boyfriends for the commerce? Reply: To stimulate the exchange of gifts between the gotten passionate ones.