Professional Cases And Business

The existing practice of professional cases related to professional arbitrariness shows that as the illegal acts of self-styled one of the most common are the facts associated with professional inducement to the execution of obligations on deals of civil circulation. In various scientific publications based on the real materials of professional cases, determine several kinds of professional arbitrariness. Researchers define as a professional offense of arbitrariness of the following: teen, housing, mortgage, parasitic, compensating for arbitrariness, as well as punishable arbitrariness in relation to organizations. Special place in the varieties of illicit arbitrariness take the actions of criminals related to the unlawful implementation of the return debt on real and fictitious contracts pecuniary nature. Implementation of debt collection, non-compliance procedure determined by law review property disputes should be separate into two main categories depending on the membership of property rights, over which an arbitrariness. The first group of offenses are the facts on which the person performing the arbitrariness acts with the intention to restore independently owned his rights a material nature. According to studies the proportion of such cases is 59.5 per cent of the total number of professional offenses under Art.

330 of the Professional Code. The second category of self-styled repayment of monetary instruments characterized by the fact that the offender will take all actions not for their own purposes, and on the instructions of others with acute the need to obtain a certain amount of organization. If you consider in detail the events of unlawful debt repayment, we can define the following methods of implementation of this professional act: – capture and deprivation of liberty of movement of the debtor or his family. – Statement by threats of violence against the victim or his relatives as a consequence of non-repayment of debt. – Implementation Violence against the person by personal injury. – Self-styled, ie Not resolved by the court, seizure of property of the victim to his motivation to return the debt. – The seizure of documents owned victim, in violation of the legislation. In order to avoid the negative consequences it is desirable to act within the law, consult a professional technician. Our qualified specialists are enforceable repayment of a debt in court.