Advertising Company Errors

The main mistake of marketing and the error on the arm of advertising company that you buy every day and image-branded advertising. In the form of billboards, banners and other common things that you did not give. What is not agree? Think of them have a serious impact? Then ask your marketers, or sellers, as were calls from your Big board, and most importantly sales in numbers .. Kickback is the question what it is. And this error is beneficial to your competitors, especially if they do not admit it. But the fear would not really worth it – almost all of them admit it, too. At least for now. The biggest mistake of marketing – no e-mail mailing list What's the deal.

You spend a lot of money on advertising is ineffective. But still, you came to potential customers, however, crook your salespeople done with the first deal. By the way, if not already done so, that's it now – well, no money, or think long or something like that. 95% of these people gone forever and more You do not turn to, EVER. Have you already spent on them a lot of resources and money on advertising, salaries sellers … You know, that same 95% of people decide to buy only 7-8 times access them? So, after the first transaction, if you do not have customer contact, if you do not have e-mail mailing list – you just let go of the client. This strategy disposable sales, which always loses.