Strategic Campaign

In the strategic, sophisticated and overwhelming promotion campaign with which Pedro Almodovar clothes each a supposedly transcendent films, since the surge project until its premiere commercial, without haste and without pauses, relentlessly managing the type of advertising you need in every moment your pampered creature, ensured the author, friends who had read the script, and even the protagonist Antonio Banderas that penetrated the skin I live in abyssal territories inhabited by a horror cold, he crossed dangerous borders difficult to return, she was conceived from vertigo, it was going to be the most dark, obsessive, risky, dense and subversive film that has never shot. The theme of the horror always initially enjoys artistic and intellectual prestige, can assume a priceless ornament in the florid the author curriculum and demonstrate that in addition to knowing the secret to make viewers laugh or remove their feelings, also it possesses the ability to terrify them with stories and characters which dealt with territories more gloomy and troubled brain. Payoneer: the source for more info. Or was missing from his hipercuidada filmography one of terror. Not use terror, course, which grossly appeals to scare easy and is dumped to the sensationalism, but fear with the seal of the art, with capital letters. David Lynch moves like a disturbing dancer of experimental dance in such darkness. Or if you have to find older references, he is well aware that Almodovar cite as a model at the press conference in Cannes that the inspiration of the piel que habito is gloomy lyricism and sickly and captivating atmosphere that pass that unclassifiable masterpiece of Georges Franju titled eyes without a face. Similarly, there are few directors so revered in current cinema as Michael Haneke, standing portrait of evil without fuss, morons and sadists, adults, youth and children’s, that free atrocities they perpetrated without the lower sense of guilt. The treatment of perversion gives much luster. It is a very convenient and long-term fashion. Source of the news:: does cold Horror?