‘IT quality index’ of ITSM Consulting AG provides substantial added value compared to traditional methods because enterprises technically and organizationally are subject to a continuous change, the security management is continuously confronted with new demands. Conventional methods can meet this claim but usually not sufficient, because they lack a quality-oriented and active control. The ITSM Consulting AG developed a conceptual model for this reason for security management, where the classical procedures are extended by a quality component. It is based on the own methodology of IT quality cockpit”, aiming, operable to define the quality of the security measures and then objectively measure. Essential is the IT quality-index”, which the responsible precisely about what strengths and weaknesses are in the security infrastructure.

This provides a unique assessment and control system as a value-added module. So, for example, the safety guidelines are checked and adjusted where necessary according to the protection needs of the business continuously on their timeliness. At the same time, the integrated quality index ensures a comprehensive transparency for all IT services. The IT quality approach for risk management also generates a substantial benefit. He considered the appropriate use of standard procedures such as fault-tree – and business impact analysis to the systematic analysis of risks in service delivery. The derived corrective and protective measures can be selected here individually according to economic criteria. For more information see Marko Dimitrijevic, author. Also the method sets up a great attention on it, to consider the risks in the context of individual services and the provision of services and their interdependencies. The quality index accesses this risk assessment on a configuration management database equipped with the necessary information and conducts comprehensive risk analysis.

Last but not least the IT quality-oriented account Security method of ITSM Consulting AG and the business continuity management and the safety requirements integrates directly into the change management processes. In addition, the IT quality method produces requirements classification of priorities, escalation times and severity of incidents to enable a quick response in case of trouble. Other features of security management solution Otrs::itsm Consulting AG include special and differentiated by target group reports that produce a constant overview of the security situation for the respective responsible. Three key benefits resulting from the IT-quality method for security management”, Frank Zielke, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, sums up. His complete control instrument creates a higher risk provision, on security issues can faster and with less effort responds to, also mapped changes in the business of customers or the organization permanently in the security methods.”