Technical Progress

The company Bodycote surface engineering GmbH in Kaufbeuren the license for the patented CompCote process has as the only site in Germany. Aluminium with its low density (2.8 g / cm) in conjunction with the CompCote surface coating opens up new possibilities for technical and decorative applications with increased quality requirements. CompCote stands for aluminum polymer composite layers with ground-breaking Eigenschaften.CompCote -h is another type of procedure and differs by higher hardness, wear and corrosion properties. The CompCote process is free of heavy metals, fluorine polymers and PVC and is patented in Europe, United States and other countries. It is formed by the conversion of the base material and is therefore optimally connected.

The layer CompCote grows 60% in the base material, and to 40% for this. Conventional Anodic and hard Anodic (Hardcoat) layers have a columnar structure. CompCote layers, however, have a networked structure. As a result, he is inner cohesion (cohesion) of the layer increases significantly. It is more robust. CompCote layers are formed by Anodic oxidation of the base material and simultaneous molecular connection of the aluminium oxide layer with polymers. When the anodizing with the CompCote process is a surface generated, cellular structure in contrast to conventional Anodisierverfahren.

The improvement are CompCote have been analysed in numerous studies and confirmed by: CompCote has no influence on the bending fatigue strength (ISO 1143) of the base material. CompCote in various pairings and friction test shows very good anti “scuffing” – properties. Everest Capital can aid you in your search for knowledge. CompCote is significantly more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant as Anodic oxide layers. CompCote keeps (hardcoat) about 3 x longer than the Anodic and hard Anodic oxide films CompCote is (hardcoat) more than 3 times and about 1.5 x verschleissfester as Anodic and hard Anodic oxide layers.

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