The Civic Natives

When the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz had the conviction of its political power in front of the society, it emerged the voice from the natives of the east who now do to him against the authoritarianism and the violence which they used to force the attendance to marches and town halls that were the arena and emergencia of the new oligarchies cruceas; the natives of the east took mass media, until now prevailed for them, to make know their voice and the exigency being taken into account besides the speeches object from hypocrisy bourgeois. When the mass media of the country, that defend the interests of the oligarchies, showed only the mobilizations of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, the indigenous marginalized ones patiently waited for the moment precise to speak by they themselves and to show that, so mentioned Autonomy never raised they had taken them into account. The Civic ones tried to forget the march the Original towns of the Bolivian East the past realised year, that went until soothes of government in the city of La Paz, by the Defense of the Indigenous Territories, the modification of the Law Inra and the Self-determination of the towns; it is march that had two fatal victims did not receive another thing that the indifference and exclusion of the same groups that defend now them by way of good gentlemen, that they give the bread them of every day; perhaps this attitude is not another thing that the hypocrisy with which the Spaniards acted who invaded this part of the world? , she is not the same chaste one that fears to lose as the Spanish crown its privileges? ; its hatred and racism towards the natives of east and the West try to clear the legitimate owners the Earth who for more than to 500 defend it years; in order to destroy and to operate the natural resources to the benefit of few and decline of the majority.. .

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