The Donor

Most important internet – media – newspapers, magazines, etc. – You will have the honor to place articles on your site for a small fee. After publication, a hyperlink can be considered constant, since publication will be on a permanent basis. In addition, with a serious approach can turn up noteworthy thematic areas, which will give its consent publish an article, besides more unique and interesting. Oh, and fourthly, the placement of articles in addition not only provides links to the site, but certain traffic. Often, when you publish articles on the site – the donor, it published in the news, or rss – tape, and it is likely that your link is clicked. So, we tried to show the most important benefit of adding and promoting articles. Of course, as in any process, except positivity observed certain deficiencies.

The main drawback of the publication of articles – this fee method. That is, since for conventional options would require a normal text for the links, articles for publication to will produce a lot in their own differing and unique articles. Because some of the sites articles and topical sites accept for publication only original articles, the major expenditures in the promotion of articles are just the articles themselves. The main reason is that search engine bots will ignore publicized article, and zachtut one to choose from (most likely the first in which they fall). Articles for publication can write own, buy on the stock exchange, to give an order copywriter. However, it is worth remembering that for a deep need to unwind a lot Stateyny material. Take the money and order articles from specialists in reproduction.

In the process of reproduction, obtain at least a thousand articles, similarities which will be within 2-3 percent. Propagated article is quite readable, and perfectly suited for site promotion. Remember that a reputable site, who agreed to post an article, you must provide unique content on the page. For collections of articles and small sites on indicators will be sufficient and reproduction of the article. Add article can be using different methods – finding the necessary resources and communication with administration, finding sites with articles that allow to publish the article for free, or with special Stateyny exchanges, which allow produce placement in 'automatic'.

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