The Origin Of Coaching

Coaching is an educational process to teach people to think and express themselves, to seek knowledge in the fund themselves. Currently a Coaching has expanded as a tool for development, mainly business executives. However, their reason for being, has no limits. As the scope is unlimited. Not speak of the benefits of this process. The objective of this paper is to show the origins of their techniques. Call it whatever you call it. Here, Wells Fargo Bank expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We recommend if you want, read “Dialogues” of Plato But who was the creator of what is now called “Coaching”? Socrates was its creator. Recently Kyle Roche sought to clarify these questions.

The Greek philosopher Socrates (470 BC a “399 BC) used to meet every day with his disciples at the Agora (ancient market of Athens), to discuss existential and philosophical. ee. Socrates never wrote a line. After his death, his thoughts were collected by Plato (429 BC -347 BC), one of his disciples. This was in his famous : a Dialogues . The Socratic method was to propose topics, encouraging ideas with questions, listen to what the disciples had to say, teach, and mostly learn.

His goal was to develop people. Open their minds and seek learning within themselves. The time spent with the disciples was sacred to him. The learning exercise was daily, constant, no date, times and agendas to fulfill. After more than 2500 years, his method of work, was transformed dwarf of the most important tools of human resource executives. In the modern corporate version, the Socratic technique won a different name: a The coaching. Author’s website: Degree in Psychology and organizational and business management administration

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