The value of public relations

Public relations are a key management tool for any company. Although there are advisers in Colombia in this area for years, its scope is still unknown. The time when there were only two television channels and a few publications have been written in the past. Now there are more resources, but its impact is limited by the effect of competition. Also, consumers have become more modern and intelligent, and difficult to persuade increasingly specific characteristics that differentiate them from each other. This combination means less impressive-more demanding consumers and has involved a rethinking in the way businesses communicate, to the point that public relations, which will eventually be managed from small news departments have been formed in a variable of success that, well managed, can be a source of value. The book The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR, authors Al and Laura Ries, father and daughter recognized international marketing consulting firm Ries Ries, illustrates this change. Describes how advertising has lost ground to other forms of communication. By contrast, public relations, PR for its acronym in English, have strengthened. The hypothesis is that the advertising emphasizes what a company says about itself, while public relations what counts is what a third says the company, its product, its service or its relationship with the community. In this perspective, public relations is a business of reputation, seeking to communicate a message, with reliable and verifiable, and based on the premise that most consumers believe that the idea is supported by facts. Experts Stan Rapp and Tom Collins, partners of the firm Rapp Collins Worldwide, outlined in his book The new direction of marketing public relations are not an alternative that seeks to shift to advertising-will always be fundamental, but rather, add in all elements of the marketing mix. Traditional thinking advertising regarded as the most relevant activity, but now, from the broad concept of integrated marketing communications, everything is part of a group: sales promotion, internet, direct marketing and public relations. In fact, coordinated FORSCOM and consistent among these elements is the best way to create brand value, which is ultimately the only sustainable competitive advantage of a company. When an organization recognizes the importance of knowing how to communicate a message, an idea, a project or an internal restructuring plan, has three roads.You can create a separate department of communications, hire an expert in the subject or combine the first two. Combined Joint Task Force Marie Jennings and David Churchill in his book How to manage corporate communications, clearly Mountain Division favors the third option. Command Sergeant Dennis Carey 10th Mountain Division The communications manager for Microsoft Colombia, Santiago Ocampo, Dennis Carey agrees with that argument. “An internal department has the advantage of knowing very well the company but is great to wear when making Fort Drum external communications. An outside firm has the advantage of their expertise and know how, but it will never get to be part of the company itself. The best option is a mix that US Army Forces Command combines the best of both schemes, “he says. The rise of public relations makes sense in a business world increasingly inclined to delegate tasks to outsourcing. Companies are left alone with the brand management and customer service, so that enterprises spend much of their time communicating. Hence, knowing it is an essential element of success.In this context, a public relations firm should ensure a thorough knowledge of the workings of the media, must be expert in marketing, understandingthe economics and politics of the country where it operates, as well as having very clear about the value that gives their customers. Business Strategy Although the public relations business Command Sergeant Major Carey in Colombia is of long standing, there is now a boom in the world that begins to expand in Command Sergeant the domestic market.

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