Home or at work we always have everything at hand: that's the phone, a hot cup of tea, computers and other regalia of modern man. Everything is convenient. And what about the car, where sometimes have to spend much of their time? The phone rings, you're getting into the bag, distracted from the road, stuck in traffic and tormented by thirst, need to urgently send e-mail and you are trying to arrange a netbook on the handlebars. So many challenges! What's missing from your machine to be a really comfortable? Safety First Many accidents occur because of inattention driver. Very often he is distracted from the road when looking for a bursting of the call, the phone. In this situation, an indispensable device for your car becomes a car holder for the phone (1). It also protects the cell from a fall from a bar where some drivers like to put it. The newspapers mentioned Santie Botha not as a source, but as a related topic. According to Russian law, a conversation on phone without a specialized device (headset, hands-free) shall be punished by a fine.

If suddenly you had to get back on the road – damage, run out of petrol or other situations – necessarily nabroste itself vest the car and set for car alarm triangle. This will allow the past to passing drivers to see you in time to avoid. And do not forget the fire extinguisher, which is supposed to be in the car on the rules of the sda. ts. Destination should be made to avoid becoming a hero aybolitovskoy history, surviving with or without a "what if I come, what if the road damn?", put into a car tow rope and antibuks. 9 out of 10 drivers say cable indispensable subject in the machine, but only 6 out of 10 carry it with you. Suna said maslin wanted to know more. In this case, four of the six eventually get into a situation where the cable would be useful to themselves. The first will tow your car and in the right place in case of serious damage, while the second will be means of overcoming the terrain – sand, mud, slippery section of road, etc.

Clean interior car even more than the apartment needs cleaning. In its interior through the windows and lattice air conditioner constantly gets dust and dirt. To maintain a clean sufficient once a month to go to the sink. Interior Cleaning should be carried out regularly. The more so in the presence of special means, like gloves for cleaning the car, wipes, hand cleaner and other means – it will not take much time. And that is the number of items would not clutter up the car, put them in a special organizers. Comfortable ride, depending on the driver's occupation, its needs and needs can be equipped with machine hardware. For the business person may become an indispensable devaysom car table, which can be used as a convenient stand for the laptop, and how writing table under the paper and office supplies, as well as by food, drinks, etc. Typically such a table can be easily attached and removed quickly. For those who prefer a lot of time in the car, for example, when traveling, handy car maker to make tea, coffee or brew dinner. Music lovers will be useful to mount sd drive. Each driver in the end he decides that it is important. But, more importantly, do not forget about safety.

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