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Today We Are Voting in the European Parliament

Today at 7 pm in Strasbourg, meets the committee Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO). On the agenda, the package Telecommunications. We will vote the amendments known as “torpedo-amendments” by the Association of Internet Users and La Quadrature du Net.

Official Rates for Spain’s IPhone

At a press conference today, Telefonica has communicated its plans for marketing the Apple iPhone. Far from rumours, the relationship between price and cost of the terminal of the plans can have a significant impact on the expectations of mobile phone adoption by customers of Telefonica thought that Apple’s switch to the device. The actual rates are: Rate by points, fees for private, fee for businesses. Source:


, member of the DNC, and until recently the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign and the NY Times and Washington Post bestselling author of the book has been quoted in the press ever since his entry into active political involvement. Not only has he been widely quoted and had major press coverage covering his amazing successes, but many leaders have expressed themselves regarding him and his tremendous skills and abilities.

Two Presidents of the United States have expressed their immense regard for him, and here is what they said:

“I thought I knew as well as anyone, but this time he surprised even me. Who knew Terry could sit still long enough to give us a book this good? What a Party! is a must-read for all of us who love politics, believe in public service, and know that laughter is often the best survival strategy.” President Bill Clinton

“No one knows more about American politics than . He gives us remarkable insights, and his accounts are both humorous and informative. President Jimmy Carter

Samsung Launches a New Version of the Player YP-16 GB P2

Samsung Electronics has introduced in Spain a new version of 16GB memory of the YP-P2, the new generation of music players from Samsung MP4. This new range of media players from Samsung combines a design, sound and connectivity options very practical formats smaller size, that fit perfectly into the palms, pockets or purses. In addition, with this new version with 16GB of memory, users can store up to 240 songs or record over 30 hours and 16 minutes of video.

BIS Americas America Expected to Grow This Year by 4.5 Percent

Reuters – Basel (Switzerland), June 30 (EFE) The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) americas America expected to grow this year by 4.5 percent, with an inflation rate of 6.3 percent; that must cope with the slowdown in the U.S..
In the news – in demand: Luxury Car

Flash Lite (unofficial) for the IPhone

The developer Thomas Joos has ported Flash Lite to iPhone with every success.

? Available as a standalone application, could open the door to many uses. Now, let’s see how Apple will respond and if accepted the offer in App Store.

funds management

Investment management is not that simple when one is dealing with his own investments. Maintaining a clear head even when the markets and investments are dropping is not that easy when you are dealing with your own hard-earned money. As the markets fluctuate, so can your mood and functionality, and often one

Nordstrom Mens Shoes Return Policy

Resolved Question

Nordstrom mens shoes return policy?
What is Nordstrom’s policy for returns of mens shoes if they were bought in store and I have the receipt (I wore only once for 10 minutes – didn’t fit well) Does anyone know?

* 9 months ago

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Old Men’s Shoes employee.

There is no return policy for Nordstrom’s. None. Nada. Zip. You can literally put your foot in mud and return the shoe.
Of course, they might ask you never to shop there again, but they have to take back the shoe. I’ve taken returns that were worn, and well over 5 years old. Seriously!!

Don’t take this knowledge too much to your advantage because they also tag customers who return too many items and send you a letter asking you never to shop their again.