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German Purchase

Without a doubt, the economic environment speaks for the purchase of real estate. Still should be seen whatever the personal situation”, so Dr. Jonas Koller, Board member of the S & K group of companies. A new statistics show that many real estate investors dangerously into debt. Positive growth prospects for the German economy, rising wages and low interest rates for construction money under three percent boost demand for real estate property. Accordingly, the real estate prices, especially in the large urban areas go up. “But it should be not to show, explains Dr. Jonas Koller Board in the S & K group of companies based in Frankfurt am Main: now people buy real estate, which actually do not can afford it in the form.” Concern agree the often low proportion of equity. You may find that Wells Fargo Bank can contribute to your knowledge.

Emphatically, this fear is an onsite survey of the real estate portal Immobilienscout 24 proof. Then, intended for the financing of equity in the cut amounted to just 10,000 euros per request. The average purchase price specified for the search for a suitable object varied depending on the land between 157,000 (Brandenburg) and 241,000 euros (Baden-Wurttemberg). This show the stark disparity between loan request and available money, so the real estate expert. In his opinion the understandable desire, with a third-party rented real estate or a self inhabited apartment, or a House, put behind many purchase projects while achieving asset security. “But he warns at the same time: not always it can go uphill with the economy, especially as Germany can detach itself permanently not to entirely by the significantly weaker performance in other industrialised countries.” Income due to job loss fall away, for example in a household with two earners, the total financing like a House of cards is often fall apart. He advises therefore quite scenarios to think about, that can appear may be less spectacular, but still pays off at first glance.

So attempted real estate sellers often, to charge the buyer – just in case of investment schemes – up to the limit of its financial viability. “Often it is, but would it be better to increase the equity, even if capital is perhaps in less profitable plants, says Dr. Koller. Also, he advises first exercise the mind in regard to the real estate request: just when webpage think self-use property, the desire to buy often well above the level of what they could afford so far is. This is the best indicator, but you may well finance with safety”, he says. “The real estate expert advises: Yes, but always under the angle of view, what would be real estate if ‘ then you’re on the safe side!

Adam Schafer

To come for the softening of the German economy indicators: the IFO INDEX fell from 109.9 106.9 points, and the German industrial new orders declined in April at 1.9 percent. How do consumers with a euro crisis? Reason for these reasons for caution. According to the proverb, the wise man provides for”gives tips on what to do is worsen the current situation Spar24: creating a cash storage: should there be temporary Bank closures, is at least some money in the House. By the same author: Bill Phelan. Creating a stock of gold and silver coins: gold and silver can protect against a devaluation of the currency. Place the stock on foreign currencies: such systems can protect against a loss in value of their currencies. Invest in tangible assets: these can protect well against a devaluation of the currency.

When planned borrowing to secure a forward loan: this can dampen the effects of rising interest rates. Be careful when certificates! In the event of a bank failure, they are not protected from a total loss. Diversify assets in several banks: thus bulk risks can be avoided. Stock on Apply gasoline, drugs and durable food: this is for some years already a recommendation of the Federal Government. These measures should spread any panic, but can raise only the consumer for a euro crisis and be prepared for him. More information:… Contact: Spar24 media GmbH Adam Schafer parcel 4 03046 Cottbus Tel: + 49 355 49360 77 E-Mail: about is an independent consumer portal, which offers comparison calculator on the issues of insurance, investing, retirement, credit, DSL, electricity/gas and travel. In the news section of consumers with current news from the world of finance will save you supplied and get valuable tips on the subject of money.

Shipping Funds

Shock for investors by ship investments and real estate fund “With the Sparkassen financial concept you get an individually prepared solution for your finances, which adapts to your life.” Now more and more bank customers need to know what is behind this advertiser trust slogan of German savings banks, followed investment recommendations of its savings banks and invested in ship funds: pure Commission interests of savings banks, which have collected up to 14% of the investor money as commissions for the mediation of ship funds, behind the backs of their customers. So the Sparkasse Hildesheim admitted recently our clients compared to a providing a participation in the MPC fund 376 “open product tanker fleet” to receive 14% of the subscribed capital of the investor as a Commission. Also the Berliner Sparkasse has collected vigorously for the mediation of MPC ship funds. Also she received 14% Commission, because one of their clients on their recommendation drew a participation in the MPC Fund “CPO 2 North America ships”. Other Sparkassen and landesbanken have benefited significantly from commissions. Sparkasse Stakenburg had received, for example, 6.8% Commission for communicating by shares in the Hannover leasing fund no.

177 “Maritime values 3”. At the Sparkasse Jena-Saale Holzland flowed 7.5% for the mediation of a stake in the real estate fund “HGA Mitteleuropa V”. 8% received the Bremer Landesbank for communicating a participation in the life insurance secondary market fund “return on life plus II” emission House MPC. Respectively 8% and 1% for the Advisory staff wants the Sparkasse Gummersbach each providing investments to the HCI ship Fund V, the Dr. Peters of return fund 109 VLCC Saturn glory and the Dr. Peters of yield Fund 111 have received. Flowing commissions were informed the savings bank customers in the context of advice not over at the savings bank, the savings bank must replace the damage inflicted by the participation of affected investors the Kickback case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof. This means that the investors their invested capital will be returned and the wrong Advisory Bank in return receives the share of funds.

In most cases, further advice errors are added, which improves the chances of a judicial enforcement of claims for damages. Participation in ship funds was thus recommended many customers of Sparkasse untruthfully as a safe investment for retirement provision, this type of highly speculative investment risks were concealed. Do you have questions to your ship funds? Want to know whether you can pursue claims for damages with success? Call us at. We know how to get to your right. Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855

Successful Entrepreneur

I wish you heart to flood your life of love, peace and prosperity. You must prepare for combat numerous REJECTIONS you will receive when it comes to promoting your online business to other people. You must provide weapons necessary to overcome it. Because the most painful in this case is that when we decided to start a business on the Internet and want to communicate it to our family and friends. We do not receive the necessary support which turns most of the time in a rejection. Clear is natural that when we organises us with something, we want to share it with others. Doesn’t matter if it’s a new flavor of ice cream or a good movie, but it is not correct to share such business with anyone until they are fully trained and know more about our company.

Why? Because the main cause of failure in our profession stems from people who are excited about the immense economic possibilities, and they run to tell their friends more intimate or relatives before you have a clue about the management of this business. Wells Fargo Bank has many thoughts on the issue. The real problem is this: once told him that not is involve, although more later you try skillfully they are wrong and respond to each of your concerns, not associated it! Remember, once they have been ridiculed for having gotten into Network Marketing, can not afford attach themselves because that equates to admit your own stupidity. But we have another case which can be called: positive negative; Is who this person? The old friend. Generally accept do things that not only want to be nice to a person they know. So I want to give you a Council, which will serve you when starting your online business successfully: you should train, know and study the product that you want to promote, the company for which dedicated you all your effort and the opportunity that will help you and the people who loves to improve their financial situation, getting the same freedom. Before sharing it with other people, but we are clear that at the time of sharing it will receive rejection therefore should not take the rejection as something staff accept an is not simply part of the search process of those who say if.

life must have balance, and if we experience rejection, there must also be acceptance. Know how to handle it is a continuous task, either constant and persevering. What I like most is that the networkers are people so enthusiastic, generous, concerned for others and willing to share, like me, are in search of success, peace and freedom. Traditional business offer these things for a small group, while in you Network Marketing success is possible for many people. I’ll always be a networker grateful to God because it opens doors, gives the courage to cross them and provides me the light to guide my way sharing the beauty of life together! A big hug!

Marco Angelini

Marco Angelini – his first “best of” album on the 15.11.2013, it is so far. As the long-awaited finally will be “best of” album of the Austrian exceptional talent. Pinterest has much to offer in this field. Marco Angelini had already this year three singles “You and I”, “my Angel (here on Earth) and”Miracle there again is always”from his first” best of “album released, which is very well could place in the international charts.” The title of the album “best of” is therefore literally. In addition, offers his first “best of” album a mix of all varieties of new German pop music: times dreamy like “A tango at night”, time rocky times Austropop “Black and white” like “Flying blind”, and even finest Schlager pop “miracles there again always like his current single”. Biography: Marco Angelini has already completed a Bachelor in medicine, but the great passion of the Austrian was always the music. He grew up as an only child, and comes from a multicultural family. The mother is Austrian while his father is from Luxembourg. The grandparents, however, come from Italy.

On July 26, 1984, Marco Angelini in the Austrian Voitsberg was born and currently lives in Graz. He oversees volunteer the athletes and athletes of the Special Olympics Austria”and would like to the sportsmen and women assist it at the next competition as team doctor. As the Honorary President of the Special Olympics met Marco Angelini also Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger,”is. His sporting talent proved Marco Angelini already in his youth, so he successfully played handball, his career had to give up however due to some injuries.