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Frank Village

Later, changes in the ones of Borari had also occurred and Arapiuns, in 1757, with the names of Alter-do-Soil and Frank Village e, in 1758, of Is Incio and Is Jose, with the denominations of Boim and Pinhel. The sprouting of the city narrowly is related to the domination process that the Portuguese had imposed to the Amaznia. The domination lusa, throughout the river Tapajs was influenced by the interest to hinder that the foreigners if established throughout the edges of the river Amazon, and to reach this objective, the Portuguese government organized innumerable expeditions, of which most important of them for region was of captain Peter Teixeira in 1626, that it reached the estuary of the river Tapajs. In 1639, Peter Teixeira returns at the time to this river, where Itaituba already was village of the indians mundurucu and makes with them a pact to eliminate tapaj. According to Mendona (1976), Peter Teixeira was the first foreigner to arrive at the village mundurucu. To leave of this expedition, the indians had had its first contact with people of a total different culture of the one of them, that he implied, directly, in the transformation of the space where they lived and in its way of if relating with the same. The creation of the aldeamentos co-ordinated for the Jesuits was given to the beginning who had the purpose to mark in definitive the Portuguese ownership in the place. From 1754, when the aldeamentos were under the administration of general Francisco Aguiar de Stolen Mendona occurred the process of removal of the Jesuits of the command of the aldeamentos that these religious ones had established. In 1758, the town of Saint Incio de Loiola received the name from Boim and of They are Jose received the name from Pinhel. In that year, the valley of the Tapajs was under the domain of Jose Naples Teles de Menezes who established the clientele of Ours Lady of the Conceio, today, the city of Aveiro.


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Salvador Figueros

This is neither bad nor or but quite the opposite. What I mean is that this use of conventional means can be suitable if the results that from her derive are it, but, if the election is, unique and exclusively, the result of inertia (as usually it happens), I advise against to you deeply that you follow with her. In its place, it tries to see what average is those that fit better with the profile of your client. It analyzes point 2 carefully and it uses all the information that allows to give you with those means that are compatible to your market. 7. – Not to correctly measure the results of the communication. The publicity campaigns are made to sell more.

If they sell, fulfill his objectives. If they do not do it, they do not serve for anything. Soon we can disguise the results of mark image, credibility, prestige, bla, bla, bla, but the reality it is that what really matters they are the sales and the level of benefits for the company that of them are derived. Lamentably, not always we can directly bind sales with publicity campaign, but it is our obligation establishing the opportune indicators to try as far as possible to know that it is contributing the communication to us. Generally, when we did not work with announcements of direct answer where the client answers that announcement directly, turns out more complicated to measure the economic impact. In these cases, you will have to fix what action you try that it promotes your communication (visits to commerce, calls of telephone, e-mails, ) and to control the level of success secured with them. If, in addition, you can make a pursuit from those actions until the sale concludes, perhaps, you can get to measure in terms of sale an important percentage of your advertising investment.

8. – Not to extract the opportune learnings that allow you to make it better in the future. This is a principle that you must apply to all projects. Nothing concludes if before you have not been able to realise an analysis than it has been the project and to remove the key points that will allow you to do it better from now on. There is nothing no better to learn than the own experience. The positive and negative aspects of any project indicate the way to you that you must follow in new adventures. Quick attention to which you have done, analyzes the results carefully, remembers what you have done well and tries to understand because it did not work what left bad. When you have finished, it learns of it and it improves. To anybody it likes to have the sensation that a great part of the resources that invests in communication loses or, at least, does not know very well that it is what they contribute. These 8 points are going to allow to you to make the things with a little more of sense. The campaigns that respect everything what I finish to you aiming, have many more probabilities of proporcionarte what delays of them who those that does not do it. The steps are simple, now, you only must put them in operation. It is your moment.