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Team Inhabitants

The data below of (graphical 01) point the vandalism as the activity that more occurs in that locality tied up to with physical aggression (both with 30%). This collection is random in the direction to identify the types of violence without taking in account the period and the day of the occurred fact. Graph 01: Research with inhabitants and traders on the type of present violence in the Beautiful Brown Square in Serrinha – of May the June of 2010 Elaboration: Team, 2010. Still on the research with inhabitants and traders, it was registered sonorous pollution as form of violence for if dealing with a disrespect to the welfare state. According to Interviewed 1A, ' ' the vandalism most of the time, is practised by lesser infractors that, in search of food and alms ' ' perturbam' ' the traders and its clientela' '.

After to interview the inhabitants and traders in the direction to reach the objectives of the present research, they had been collected given disponibilizados for the Military Policy of Serrinha by means of police occurrences in the year of 2008 where the homicide attempt appears with 60% of frequency following of assault and battery with 20%. However, he perceives yourself that, by means of (graphical 1 and 2), the same phenomena are gifts in the stories of the inhabitants and the registers of the policy therefore, is about occurrences that if become public not only for inhabitants and traders as agents of public security and the population in general. Graph 02: Comparative police occurrences in the city of Serrinha? 2008 Elaboration: Team, 2010 In 2009, the type of violence that more occurred in Serrinha, had been physical aggression that appears as more frequent act (with 55% of the occurrences), followed of assault and battery with 25% and in third place robbery with 5%.conforme given demonstrated in graph 3.


How to transport a car Transport of cars it is not a too difficult task, but to plan it in advance and to choose the transport service of cars are essential so that the transfer is successful. Classes on watch. In order to transport a car, there are 3 options essentially (each one of as will be examined with more thoroughness down): 1) The car is drived until its destiny with provisional commercial matriculation. 2) The car is transported in an individual trailer for cars. 3) The car is transported in a trailer for several cars. That they take the car to its destiny, by means of a conductor with provisional commercial matriculation, can be the cheapest option. Nevertheless, there are more possibilities of than it suffers some damage by the way, to the being lead by highway (although a good transport service of cars with complete certainty will have insurance). Secondly, it will increase the kilometrage of the car, that can be significant in very long trips.

To transport the car in a trailer for a single car is probably the option more face, inasmuch as the cost is not distributed with other clients. If its vehicle is irreplaceable or especially valuable it can choose a closed trailer, but this option is more expensive. To use a trailer for many cars must be the economic option, when distributing itself the cost between many clients. Nevertheless, the delivery door door is not feasible in this case (with this method, the transport service of cars normally gives the car in a near center of distribution, where it must gather the vehicle). They are the transport companies of worthy cars of confidence? Once the subjects of the price and the insurance have been solved, it must be clear that the transport companies of cars are worthy of confidence and can deposit their confidence in which they try as it is deserved to a so valuable machine. Although he is not frequent that appears problems, these can arrive, so it is very important to prevent them as rapidly as possible.

After the delivery. That the car suffers damages during the transport is frequent pore and a lack of cooperation in case of suffering some damage is very little probable. Before taking legal routes or other resources it is necessary to try to resolve any problem with the company directly. In case it happens the worse thing, organisms such as the services of Attention to the Consumer can attend to him.

Brazilian History

The Brazilian people is always other people’s to the situation of the country. We do not have conscience of what it is nationality and our proper independence was made by foreigners. Throughout our history he had some fights for emancipations, however of Portugal however of a central government in Brazil, but rare they are those where really popular participation existed; inexistent is the revolts where the elite after remained in the fight the entrance of ' ' povo' ' in the fight. ' ' nata' ' of the Brazilian society, always moved blindly for its proper interests, it denies the people the power to participate in the decisions of the country. Our first republic was clearly nobilirquica, and excessively they can be easily described as oligarchical.

The supplied classrooms more fear one ' ' democracy real' ' , therefore the country running a serious risk to less come back its investments toward instruction of the favored classrooms, instead of continuing paying subsidies for plantations; or isentando of great tributes private companies. It is important to emphasize: &#039 does not exist; ' democracy real' ' without the people has limitless access to the education; therefore without this, no matter how hard the vote exists right, the population will not have conditions to discern between what it is really good for it and the clientelismo that still reigns today in our elections. It is easy to perceive, that in brazilian lands it does not have some feeling of nationality after the pantry of the world. Probably that is consequence of the historical evolution of our education. It is excellent to stand out that since the settling, that the country does not make a superior investment 10% of its P.I.B in this area. Perhaps this is the starting point for all our problems with country, for our lack of pride to be a people.

The necessary Brazilian to know to read to love the Portuguese as its language mother. He lacks to know the history of its people to be proud of the bravery of its heroes. Brazil needs quality education to feel people, to be nation. , For Matheus Amilton Martins UFPE? CFCH? Department of history? Chair of instrumental Portuguese

Mein Kampf

Alain Viala writes down that ‘ ‘ the phenomenon of the clientele is banal in century XVII and in redor of rich and powerful personages, individuals or groups congregate themselves that if place its service in exchange for diverse vantagens’ ‘ (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN? Regina, 2001, p.34). This courageous, roubadora infant of books and charmer of the Death obtained sufficiently. He obtained to learn to read, to write, to produce its proper text (speech), everything this or alone, or with the aid of that they loved really it. Before ‘ ‘ not only the ethnic universe was limited: the booksellers also were penalizados when they divulged sorts proibidos’ ‘ (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN, Regina, 2001, P. 37) had always occurred, however, the ones that write good workmanships and those that do not make it (a good example would be the Mein Kampf). Others write divinais workmanships, that also please the reading Death. In the world, it seems, it always had of these and others.

On the author, what we verify is that in general was in the hand of others, ‘ ‘ the recognition of that the author of the text is the owner of the workmanship and that this property, as any another object of value, can be transmitted it outrem has worthy consequences of nota’ ‘. (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN, Regina, 2001, P. the 59) poets also they had given price to its poetries, ‘ ‘ in the frank and direct exposition of the interest of the poet in gaining money, one of myths of the literary tradition occidental person, responsible rupture for the good mood and originalidade of versos’ breaks itself; ‘ (LAJOLO, Marisa? ZILBERMAN, Regina, 2001, p 79). Of this form, the ideal would be to imitate the small Liesel: to choose our readings, to read, but cautiously, because ‘ ‘ the words weigh muito’ ‘ (ZUSAK, 2007: p.368). a book, you knows, is a workmanship that can be ‘ ‘ so direful and so glorious, and to so have words and histories so cursed and brilhantes’ ‘ (ZUSAK, 2007, P.


Creative Thought Advice

The creative thought is a potential with which all we are born. If you do not use that potential, is probable that she is because they do not know and they apply it the principles simple to develop it. We can put remedy to that right now. Both basic principles of the creative thought are: There are methods and techniques of creative thought. To make of these methods and techniques a part of its mental habits and the creative thought will arise from simple way and ” automtico”.

An industralist sees the potential benefit of a situation, because its mind is trained for that. A lawyer sees the potential problems, because thus he is as its mind trains. How he thinks that repeatedly one becomes a habit? , and thus he is as the mind trains. It learns the techniques of creative thought, that are used until they are a habit, and the creative thought will be so natural for you as ” mentira” it is for a politician. (jokes separate) the techniques of Critical Thought There are dozens of solutions creative of problems and techniques that can learn a to use. ” uses the technique to do his; dictado” or brain storming with a pocket recorder while it walks, thus you will have more time to make exercise and even so do its work.

Creative thought goes beyond solving specific problems or inventing new things. A really creative mind is always dealing with the questions also, not only the solutions. To be more creative all along, concentrating in two things: It challenges to your suppositions. What happens if a restaurant does not have employees? The clients could pay a machine as they enter, and they are fed in a buffet. If everything were as automatic as it is possible, perhaps an proprietor-operator could only run a great restaurant. ” defies the concepts constantly; pre-establecidos” that does not mean that you are not mistaken a pile of times, but other so many you will give with several ” gemas”. It changes its perspective. To imagine the thoughts of another person from its point of view can be something difficult to obtain, but that better ideas can turn out to obtain to reach the perspective of the other? Sight to everything, from several perspective. For this it is needed imagination, and information enough on ” target” of person that we are wanting to copy. To create habits of creative thought to make the techniques previous an automatic part of your thought, you will manage only it if you use the sufficient thing. Generally it takes several weeks to develop a habit, reason why it needs a way recordarte to every day during that time that you must apply them. Doing it periodically, soon, a more creative thought will be a normal part of its life.