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Lecture series informed employers about changes Bad Arolsen. The privacy mishaps in a large institution and at the Pentagon show often unthinking dealing with sensitive, personal data in large organizations. How medium-sized companies can protect their data from place and why privacy more and more becomes the quality seal in the competition, explained lawyer of Winfried Reiners and IT Compliance Manager Andreas Pohl in the framework of the one-day seminar more stringent data protection 2011 opportunities for SMEs “in Bad Arolsen. Data are capital, heart and memory of a company”, says Andreas Pohl. Virtually every company reach back to digitally stored information to produce products, to provide services or to manage pay slips. The protection of this information is required by law, but rather lie in the interests of any organization. Medium-sized companies needed privacy and effective risk management, our innovation and our competitive advantage to true”, says Pohl.

About 20 representatives from business and management followed his remarks at the premises of the Pohl consulting team in the houses of the amount of ring road 15. In the one-day seminar, conveyed Reiners and Pohl in addition the important amendments dealing with data protection, reminded of the duty of care of directors towards their employees, suppliers and customers, and appealed to the individual, to comply with the provisions of the legislature. Violations are punished sensitive, the range of 50,000 to 300,000 euro rich. “The time in which only large corporations on compliance with the data protection legislation are, tested definitely past”, says Pohl. The checks arrived in the middle class.”

OpenTable IPhone App In Germany Brings Out

Easy, fast and mobile restaurants and tables book Frankfurt, November 2009 – OpenTable, the leading manufacturer of guest and table management systems for restaurants and operator of the online reservation Web site, now has the free OpenTable app for iPhone and iPod touch released. The application allows you to restaurant guests: to check the availability of restaurants in the area, to see the location of the restaurants on an interactive map, to make free and confirmed reservations and to get driving directions to the restaurant. Users of the app determine only the date, time and the number of guests and get a list of restaurants available in the area in real time. You can compare the location of the restaurants on the interactive map, get driving directions, and send emails with the reservation details to friends. Reservations special requests of the restaurant can be expressed in. Registered OpenTable users have in addition Ability to see upcoming reservations and manage.

“The ability to compare the position of the user, with the availability of tables in the environment makes unique the OpenTable iPhone app”, says Thomas fear, Sales Director OpenTable Germany. “From anywhere to find restaurants and to make reservations without a PC or to require numerous telephone calls a valuable service for business and private guests is gleicherma? en.” This increased mobility of the reservation process brings the convenience of online reservations to a new level. Company background OpenTable provides service for both sides: restaurant guests have the possibility to reserve tables, while the restaurants can use the operational benefits of reservation management software online in time real and free of charge. OpenTable, founded in 1998 in San Francisco. In the meantime, more than 11,000 restaurants belong to the global network and more than 110 million diners have been mediated. About the United States and Germany also is OpenTable in Gro? representing Britain, Canada, Mexico and Japan. More countries will follow soon. More info about the app and a link to the free download, see mobile press contact: Anne Oakley + 44 7875-364 285

Use Video Marketing

Online marketing is basically a game of probabilities. Playing with the odds that your web site and / or ads are with the right people at the right time, so that all the pieces of the puzzle come together to produce a sale (the ultimate goal). Strategic Marketing, what is making the right moves to increase the odds of this happening.There are many marketing tools used with intention to help place your sites and ads in position to be found by buyers.All these strategies with online video marketing is by far one of the most powerful. However, many traders, especially those who are new to the business, are reluctant to take this incredible resource. For those who still wonder if they should immerse themselves in this marketing technique, here are five reasons why you should use video marketing: it’s free and increase traffic and sales. Video marketing, is obviously not the only one free available marketing tool, but is, without a doubt, the most viral.

The public and its potential buyer feels attracted by the videos, and that is something that any marketing professional can benefit. Allows you to place well placed links. Marketing on line are very important links that lead to our website and where they are placed. How much better is the site, greater is the probability that we are and more likely to succeed. They improve the positioning. Google and other search engines appreciate the videos. In fact, Google owns YouTube.

Their robots of search, track sites video continuously. Properly researching on keywords and choose one with little competition, in a few minutes a video may be on the first page of Google. Personal Branding. Create personal brand and offers greater credibility to our products. The video not only allows you to be recognizable and that people can associate your name with your face, but it also offers a unique opportunity to share valuable content with others. This is going to help, to be recognized as an authority on the subject. They work continuously. 24 Hours a day, offer explanations about your products and services, with greater effectiveness and clarity than any text that we placed on the corporate website. There are 5 important reasons to start using video marketing, now. On many occasions you are about to begin, but we do not get underway for lack of decision, trying to get that video is perfect. Just watch that is yourself and that it adds real value, put it in the net.

Cranes and Building

Each building – this occupation, where specialists are faced with the need to lift and carry loads. At this point, fortunately, we do not find ourselves in a state of well-known builders of the pyramids, which could have only the numerous slaves and basic levers. Nowadays, on any construction site, as well as generally in places where it may be necessary to drag loads, working to help the powerful mechanical machines. On the construction of this tower cranes in the main. These high and powerful devices can simply move from one place to another heavy slabs and other building materials. But not so in terms of scale, when the load need to bear in a warehouse or in a small area of open, tower cranes can not assist because of significant size. Because for the work of quality work on production to date is mainly used overhead crane. In direct proportion to the level of congestion overhead cranes can be single-beam and double-girder.

Powerful data management apparatus is possibility of a traditionally cabin and the floor. Usually bridge cranes produced to order, so that they optimally approached it with the tasks they should perform. Bridge cranes with a single beam well may be suitable for use in the shop business. Directly similar to the crane can not weigh so much, and install it and simply. In this case the hook of the crane will be able to come to a predetermined place back to back, which increases productivity.

Overhead cranes are very practical in warehouses or under a canopy, and the range of functionality can be extended using a variety of options for trucks crane. The efficiency of the crane does not change with very broad coverage of temperatures from minus 20 to plus forty, it can be used in unheated and industrial premises. Clearly, there are limits to the use of overhead cranes. For example, if the premises are all being created in the explosion or combustible environment or is humid, the total engineering labor protection does not allow the use of the bridge there crane. In addition, the crane is not allowed in the room where the atmosphere is supersaturated vapors of various acids or alkalis. But in general for operations with both moderate, to the same extent and with severe and even heavyweight cargo cranes overhead – this is the best choice. They are reliable and comfortable, while able to be equally as false, and uses a form of support, which guarantees ability to select the optimal choice for each situation and the general direction of activities. If you need high-quality work of loading and transport of goods, then your storage unit must necessarily appear overhead crane.

Saving Alone Has Recovered Still No Operation

Still many stakeholders improve competitiveness also if all signals suggest that as the economy recovers from the financial crisis and short-time working and sales decline apparently belong to the past, are striving, to cut more costs identify innovation potential. But just crisis mercilessly uncover their own weaknesses. Previous market successes are managed only or is also used to initiate innovation processes continuously to reach new customers with better solutions? “Who has the set not heard: save itself to death”. Sure must be saved in times of crisis, and all costs and processes must be checked for potential savings. But still no operation is recovered through savings alone.

Rather, it is important, parallel to the savings to generate new business potential. The key word here is innovation”, and this not only new products refers to. Often there are also innovations, so simply times completely differently to make and new perspectives to can. Only we must be aware that innovations literally not from the trees fall, and that such efforts have also costs. The old, mundane rule but here is: who is not investing, which is also no winnings achieve. And innovations are planned! What is to be done? Through a systematic approach, innovation potential can identify and use profitably to emerge stronger from the crisis. And this must not be done through a comprehensive project; a so-called innovation audit can indicate with an expenditure of a few man days, where there are starting points for action. A methodical questioning can be clarified whether the company’s activities cover all aspects of innovation, how are these activities, where there is the greatest need for action and how this looks in detail. On this basis can be look like optimal processes and practices, how other companies erfolgreich(er) Act examined then following in small projects, and how this information the company used, to position itself successful and strengthened again in the market.

Low Cost Airline

The truth is an exaggeration that buy an airplane with a line of traditional ticket costing you several thousands of dollars and buying a plane ticket by a line of low-cost to the exactly same destination exit you minimum at half the price. And it is that with the situation in which we are living in crisis, not can we be giving us the luxury of spending thousands of dollars pro something that buying on the other hand you get much cheaper. Low cost line is now fortunately in Mexico and we can use their services to save us thousands of dollars. Many think that the low cost of these airlines is due to that the service is not as good as the airlines with high prices, this is a total fallacy. Should know that although not all airlines offer the same service, one of them is distinguished by its unique treatment to the client, his good service both before and after addressing the plane, his highly trained staff and the best fleet of Mexico. There is nothing to think, pay thousands of dollars for a plane ticket already is not an option..

Venetian Postcard

And what would be missing in a Venetian postcard? Without a doubt, the 420 gondoliers that adorn the channels with its gondolas during the day. The prices of these historic boats may vary depending on several factors: as the boat, since there are some couples furnished with music live, according to the number of people. But above all, according to the ease with which to bargain with the gondoliers already that, on occasions, the first price giving is excessive. That Yes, although sometimes it can be expensive, can become a walk through the history of the city very interesting since gondoliers, you know every corner of channels as well as the name of all the bridges, each with its history. 1591 Is the Rialto Bridge, the oldest in the city, and is the only way of crossing the Grand canal which runs through the entire city. Down is the market of Rialto where sold from food to classic Venetian masks, passing by the Murano glass.

The Ponte Storto or bridge twisted is one of the many bridges that had to do twisted to allow communicating two streets, separated by the canal, the Ponte de le Tete or bridge of breasts, was in the area of the ancient brothel for sailors. In Venice are amazing also its churches and the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello who is recommended to get closer. But we must above all try to lose yourself in the narrow streets to sit only in a city full of people and feeling the tranquillity of a city with more than 1,500 years of history that lives with the fear disappear sunk by water that characterizes it. By: Andrea Sanz Andrea is an independent traveler who, before working as a writer for HostelBookers toured several continents, discovering the wonders of their towns and villages.

Internet Questions

Questions answered by Ilya N. Sadowski, co-owner of the Agency of Public Communications GoldenRing begin with historical perspective. As a born and PRv advertising online? The Internet was originally selected out of the lot metropolitan universities and leading research centers such as Novosibirsk. For the masses of Russians Internet became available sometime after '98. Then, to go on the Internet, people went to friends who have worked in large and advanced enterprises (personally I have a box in 1999).

In all of the Ivanovo region by 2000 active Internet users were about 10 thousand. Advertising and PRv Internet in Russia were all the same stages as the West, for all laws of the market, with the only difference being that in our country the rate of transition from stage to stage was the new fast. It is clear that in such a "penetration" of the Internet in 2000 to talk about how a significant opportunity to influence the Internet – advertising in the mass market is naive. Although sites in RuNet was relatively little, at this time began to take shape segment and technology banner advertising, thereby advertising on the Internet was expensive then $ 10 per CPM (if it is measured the number of times the banner, now – go to the site.) Now steers contextual advertising, when to buy and sell your ads next to search results and the budget can begin to a few dollars – it all depends on the degree of competition is your search query.


A report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), published on 22 April last, pointed out that 44.5% of the Peruvian population is poor, while a 16.1% is located in conditions of extreme poverty. Beyond outstanding matters ahead the Peruvian Government in economic matters, the truth is is trying to carry out a policy of incentive to the long-term investment that has already seen its fruits both in the dynamic that is observing the investment (which grows at an annual rate exceeding 20%) and in the latest discoveries gas made by Repsol YPF in mid-January of this year. In Peru there is today, a good context for the long-term overall investment and investment in the oil sector in particular. Last Thursday I said about how happy they must be those who have bought shares of ECOPETROL (BVC:ECOPETROL). The actions of the Colombian oil company has doubled its value in the term of five months. And although it still has a good probability of growth in its value, the truth is that those who still have not entered, have lost a good chance of profitability and why I am speaking of ECOPETROL? Because in Peru’s Petroperu and perhaps it can be transformed into a good investment opportunity when the Peruvian State company opened its capital on the stock exchange. Petroperu is in full international competition to modernize the refinery in Talara in the North of Peru, a project of $1 billion for its 20 bidders from Europe, Asia and the United States have been. The refinery Talara represents 70% of the total revenue of the firm for the search for funding for the modernization of Talara, Petroperu will be enrolled in the stock market of Lima where expect quote in mid-2009.

According to the President of the oil company, Cesar Gutierrez, Petro-Peru could quote in the BVL 10% of its shares and does not preclude the issuance of debt to perform a mix of funding. Petroperu has been demonstrating significant improvement in their results. Petroperu utilities grew in 2007 about six times to about US $100 million, compared to the previous year, despite keep frozen prices of fuels which sells for as long period. Already in the first quarter of 2008, net profit of Petroperu was 65 million soles from 49 million soles in the same period of last year, which implies an increase in the profits of 32.7% (and the increase is even greater if it is measured in dollars because of the exchange rate appreciation of the Peruvian currency). Petroperu, also advances its strategic alliances. Cesar Gutierrez announced on Friday will meet with representatives of the Brazilian Petrobras and Braskem, the largest petrochemical of Latin America, to realize development agreements in this sector. With Petrobras, which maintains a strategic alliance since 2006, will develop a project for petrochemical of methane, whereas with Braskem, Petroperu is interested in the petrochemical development of ethane. Both projects, whose start is expected for 2009, depend on agreements with Pluspetrol, gas from the Camisea operator, ensuring the supply of a volume suitable for its development. Petroperu grows, progresses in alliances, and its output to the bag can generate interesting benefits for investors.

The Modernization

Being clearly occured modifications in the relations of work, thus weakening, the movement peasant. He is valid to stand out that the modernization in on agricultural production to the usineiro process followed the called method of ' ' It saw Prussiana' ' in which, according to Lnin, ' ' the capital penetrates in the field keeping the great agrarian property and the monopoly of the land, from where it promotes the modernization and the transformations of the social relations delayed and arcaicas&#039 agrarian; ' (apud AZEVDO, P. 21). It is in this prussiano model that goes to have an alliance enters the large estate owners northeast Brazilian next to an industrial bourgeoisie (usineiros), that with its new techniques of production, they go ' ' invadir' ' the agricultural production and to provoke the changes in the relations of work of the agricultural areas, that is, the transformation of peasants in wage-earning agricultural workers. Changes these that are marked deeply by the maintenance of the exclusion politics of the campesinato. In other words, it attributes to this model of development an modification in the form of if producing, without eliminating the coronelista mandonismo, keeping, thus some aspects of the local politics.

E in this conjuncture, we can identify at this moment, a productive modernization, keeping the forms of exploration of the work, thus not having, no concrete modification in the representation of the patronage of the agrarian regions, taking advantage still the old representation of the authoritarian gentleman of device. The northeast region is a faithful picture of such reality, that in clear way it keeps well-known social inaquality. The maintenance of a relation based on the local mandonismo is a present historical inheritance in the Brazilian agricultural areas and not even the modernization of the production inside of these regions obtained to modify this reality. For the opposite, with a bigger complexity inside of the relations of work in the field, it has seen, the presence of new forms of work, with the sprouting of the agricultural wage-earner, it made it difficult the access of the families peasants to the land and the freedom.