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New Year

So it is – Salon length, width, comfort and functionality of the R-ki, as a heavy SUV GL – the same three rows of seats, the latter two of which, if necessary added together perfectly smooth surface trunk, the same superosnaschennost throughout, including monitors in the headrests of front seats for rear passengers enjoy your leisure time – the same stuffed all kinds of electronic front panel, doors, console … same automatic transmission, the lever is on the American model is mounted in the steering column, a regular for his "regular place" between the front seats occupied by three stowage compartment under the right arm is conveniently sticks a huge center armrest with a refrigerator. Salon is decorated with black doroguschy naimyagchayshey leather and precious species of wood – not an imitation, mind you. All of this typical German thoroughness, preciseness, accuracy, coupled with the outstanding work of engineering – given here are the fruits – and luxurious at the same time superfunktsionalnye cars. Machine on each day and for the city, and for country walks, and for long-distance travel – the universal R-ki is truly amazing. Fuel consumption (AI 91-95) in the city New Year's "zaprobirovannom" version of a maximum of 17 liters, for a four-wheel drive "Cruiser" with the engine at 272 hp and 3.5-liter – just a miser! Contrary to this statement may result in a great many examples of cars of other brands – and not just "classmates", but the class of machines is lower, zhruschih twice, but it does not justify such high fuel costs and MOT.


In our time, the number of trucks is becoming more and more. This is due to good market relations and not only. Let's start will identify most of these kinds of trucks, and the types of goods that they are transported. Some trucks designed to carry different types of cargo, goods (refrigerators, televisions, textiles, clothes, beer, etc.) while others are designed for "dirty" goods, such as: sand, gravel, etc. The first of These two categories include trucks with trailers, as an awning, refrigerator, refrigerator … Tent is easy to transport goods unpretentious.

Download from this type of trailer is the rear and side. I think it is not necessary explain what each type of load. Refrigerator .. What do you think what it is? Right! In order to carry goods in thermoinsulating trailer. Refrigerator is needed to transport products that need support to low temperature. A striking example of such goods is – the meat! By the way, it's worth noting that the cost of transporting goods in the refrigerator will cost you a tidy sum. By the way, I forgot … There is auto, which used to transport cars.

Trucks for the transport of "dirty" cargoes fall into freight cars carrying large loads (eg concrete blocks or piles), which are then discharged cranes, and those who dumps its contents on the ground. Last used for this hydraulic cylinders, lifting gears, usually the front end. It is this category of trucks transporting sand gravel .. In the villages, as often you can see how these trucks carry, for example, firewood. This type of trucks are called dump (took the goods delivered, picked up the body, all dumped ..). In the trucks main piece, distinguish them from other truck is a hydraulic cylinder. Cylinders are linear and rotary action of hydraulic cylinders. The principle of action of most of them based on locking the small volume of liquid and conversion of energy of moving masses of fluid into mechanical energy. From a locked volume of fluid displaced through the channels of small cross-section. In the rotary hydraulic cylinders to convert linear motion output link in the cylinder rotary actuator is used river-gear mechanisms.

Technical Weighing

Modernization and automation of concrete-mixing plant (BSU) or other engineering objects that mandatory automated weighing and dosing of materials. Modern electronic sensors, Unlike the outdated mechanical gauges, allow you to include testimony about the presence and flow of materials in the automated control and accounting. In this case, virtually eliminated errors and mistakes associated with the "human factor". Moreover, the use of electronic weighing systems in various types of dispensing speeds up preparation of mixtures and to achieve maximum accuracy of repetition Technical recipe. Especially for weighing and batching of cement, chemical additives and other such substances. Electronic metering systems do not require constant monitoring and adjustment – all the processes automated and operator intervention is required only in exceptional cases.

In this case, virtually eliminated the possibility of fraud and theft by employees during dispensing, loading and / or shipment finished products. Reports on the processes that occur at the site are generated automatically stored in electronic memory. They can view or print at any time, as well as send e-mail or by sms-message. In contrast to the mechanical, electronic metering and weighing allows to obtain results of high accuracy over a relatively short time and with high reliability. The most expedient the process of modernization and automation engineering facility to replace outdated mechanical measuring parts on all dispensers to electronic sensors. Otherwise (with a combination of electronic and mechanical sensors) is difficult to ensure maximum system efficiency and achieve a low error in weighing and dosing.

Translation Stages dosing on strain gauge system. Strain-gauge system for determining mass of material is the most common and has tangible benefits not only to the mechanical systems of weighing, but also to systems based on piezoelectric or sensors. Strain gauges (full name of "weighing tensoresistance probes") are characterized by high accuracy, precision and accuracy, reliability and stability against the action of aggressive factors of the environment. The principle of operation of strain gage based on recording the pulses from the tensile forces and / or compression. Simplicity of design allows the sensors to get accurate readings even under the harshest conditions. Given variety of forms and breadth of capabilities, strain gauges can be equipped not only bin or silo, but almost any design in which the material for weighing or dosing. In order to ensure maximum dosage accuracy, the dispensers (especially designed for bulk materials) must be installed not less than three sensors, but better – six. This is due to the effect of shifting the center of gravity of the vessel when it filling of bulk materials. Predict this effect, or to consider an amendment to it in the presence of only one sensor is virtually impossible.