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Selling Text

Often, the specialists of companies engaged in selling their own products, the question arises: why those goods which they sell for some reason is not for sale? Of course, the simple answer to this question is not happens. In each case the reasons are several and they are different. But there is one significant detail that manufacturers and sellers are often overlooked – it's competent representation of a product or service, simply put, their description. In many companies, such descriptions are "Science", considering all the most important and widely known requirements for ad text: the focus on the target audience is a positive direction, designation of the benefits of the acquisition of goods and call to action. In short, a standard marketing text based on the principle: "Buy it – get it." But the buyer – not an abstract one, urgently wanting to purchase one or another thing, not a machine by pressing certain buttons which you can get the desired result. And sell advertising copy for the site – not a list of assignments. As a result, compiled by all the rules of advertising text is often good and is easy, but it is completely unable to interested buyers. In fact, to create the text needed to sell advertising is not so much: to hook the reader (the title, an unusual beginning, memorable, emotive phrase) and make him feel himself as a hunter for the goods (and not the victim of adware invasion). On the formation of interest shall be evacuated to one paragraph, not more, whereas about product should be presented without unnecessary frills, to the extent possible with honesty and with a clearly defined value. And of course, selling the text should be a summary – final paragraph or phrase, allowing to understand meaning of the description, without reading the whole thing. And remember, any proposal – this proposal and not an imposition. Indeed, positive attitude and interest of potential buyers – is already half the battle!

Account Management

Any response message can be rejected by your mail server or the client to get into the Spam folder, where no one will see. Personal Area (third way) is guaranteed a place, where the customer at any time be able to see your request and your answer. 100% spam protection Many people know from their own experience that the publication of electronic addresses on the site – this is a direct way to get tens or hundreds of advertising messages (depending on the popularity of your site) already the next day. Effective way to reduce spam by using the 1 st or 2 nd ways of receiving queries – is sending auto-replies to all requests coming from unknown to you (ie not registered in your customer base) addresses. And despite the fact that most mail systems can do this, such a measure is not a guaranteed protection against spam. Personal Account Management – is a private resource, in which only the client can send you a request. It is unlikely that your customers will use their own private office to send spam to your address. Even if that happens, you can simply remove “undesirable” from a client base data. Unambiguous identification of the client’s main sign of identity of the client request is received by e-mail (1-y way) or from a Web form (2-y way) is an e-mail address. However, people often use multiple email addresses, so for example if a customer when purchasing the product on your site have an address and requests for technical support sends to another, it will automatically establish a link between these addresses is difficult. Reliable way to uniquely identify a customer is to use a personal account. When entering the private office client passes authentication, so all of his subsequent actions in Cabinet will be uniquely associated with it. Conclusion So, which way is preferable to receive requests? On this issue there is no clear answer. As we said at the beginning of the article, the final choice depends on what features does your site, as well as the general nature of your business. We suggest you adhere to the following general recommendations: Fashion receive messages from clients when to use 1: Email you sell on the site a simple product that does not require after-sales support your site is designed primarily to establish personal contact with customers. 2: Web Form In addition to the 1 st method – for providing customers with an alternative way of sending the request. If the form is sending the request to specify the subject matter and is protected by a graphic code (CAPTCHA) – for automatic compilation of articles from the knowledge base. 3: Personal study the presence of a large client base and in the case of selling complex products, the use of which may require multiple accesses to the knowledge base. This method allows for efficient after-sales service and the formation of long-term relationships with clients.

Satellite Internet – Web Via Satellite

Why Satellite Internet is the chosen niche? After connecting a satellite web you will receive: Extremely low prices, top speed; unlimited Favorable tariffs, reliability is also good idea communication; But the most basic – the ability to connect to the satellite Web where there are no telephones, dedicated bandwidth, radio and so on. When combined with the above advantages it appears that the connection Satellite Web so profitable and comfortable that once, therefore, comes to mind is saying about the mousetrap and cheese. And in vain. It must be emphasized that all of the above – the truth. After all, cheese is not free. Naturally, as in any case, people who advertise satellite internet, too, have their marketing moves, which are connected to satellite Web extremely comfortable and cute. Anyone and does not occur to avoid this and outline how it all works without embellishment services advertising. For example, we explain a one-way satellite internet access web users. One-way satellite Internet has received its popularity at the expense of separation of the broadcasting channels of information on the ‘ground’ and ‘satellite’. Output signal (also known as terrestrial channel) may be submitted by ordinary, to date, any known web access to the Internet: selected, the modem adsl / gprs. The returned response (satellite channel) is transmitted directly via satellite speed. It is important to understand that the output signal includes only kilobytes of data, so little information you need to pass the noc (Network Center) to request the user to open the appropriate page of the website, it is always a small amount of data. Basic information, including all design and software elements of the site, download movies, pictures, music, etc., are now transmitted via high-speed satellite channel. 10-ki thousand companies and home users in Russia have already chosen a satellite Web as the most rapid and economical form of Internet connectivity today. When compared with leased lines cost of obtaining data in dozens of lower and averaged only a few cents per mb. The most that would be beneficial anlimitnye tariffs are also only able to provide satellite internet. Extremely want to highlight what with all this satellite connection provides the same quick and qualitative data, as well as selected line – to a couple of megabits per second (it’s about 100 times faster than ordinary data modem).