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Karaoke installed in churches to encourage church members to sing

A volunteer edges projected on the screen of the church. (Hugo Fernandez) The parish of St. Pauli of Nola, in Barcelona, is one. It has made large screen projections. 90 of the customers follow them. Before, only sang the Alleluia, from September, 90 of the parishioners of St. Pauli Barcelona Nola, in the district of Sants-Montju c, to interpret all the 200 songs that projects a karaoke. This is not the only case that is in Barcelona, also in the parish of Sant Joan Bosco, on the Avenida Meridiana, is serving a similar system. The rector of St. Pauli of Nola, 20 minutes explained that copied the idea of the parish of Sant Llop, Sant Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona), but “in the Basque country and in Canada it is common to find it.”Also in Madrid. Big letters Parishioners desemesuradamente read the letters on a large screen is installed above the altar. For nearly 6×4 feet and cost more than 2,700 euros. “If you sing before 50 of the parishioners now do over 90 ,” the rector said, laughing. He insists that “the display is an auxiliary element because it can distract people.” Each song, a design>> Read more


Moche Realms Main article: Culture Moche To name this great culture, there are many names, Max Uhle, called it “Proto Chimu Culture, Julio C. Tello’s called “Culture Muchik and modern archaeologists prefer ‘” Moche “or” Mochica Culture. ” The catchment area includes the valleys of the rivers La Leche, Reque, Sana (Lambayeque), Chicama, Moche, Viru (La Libertad), Santa, Nepe a, Casma and Huarmey (Ancash). Had “insights into the Sierra de Cajamarca (Pacopampa) and Ancash” (R. Matos). The direct area of influence is about 7,000 square kilometers. The first villages in the formation of this culture are located at the mouth of the river Jequetepeque, at a place called Dos Cabezas, in this place is home-style pottery Viru, Moche ritual together with ceramics. The core of this culture was seated in the Moche River valley.That settled a sacred city and the seat of government Mochica. The residues of this city are the Temples of the Sun and the Moon. Other important settlements are Galindo and Pampa Grande. Julio R. SEGUMAR Villanueva Sotomayor, urban minority (10 000 inhabitants) dominated the peasant majority (300 thousand inhabitants) and were required taxes in kind and labor. (“Peru in ancient times,” orial Empresa Nacional SAC, Lima, Peru, p. 104). The most important feature of the Moche culture is its unique pottery. Federico Kauffman Doig said: “This is due to its rich figurative ceramics, both the historical rate as the pictorial type.” With good reason, Horka Heimer said that represents a “picture dictionary.” The realistic nature of Moche pottery has been made that she is an invaluable source for knowledge of the life of this town. The Moche ceramics used a fine paste and dominated the control of oxidation in the burning.Like all Peruvian culture, agriculture was the main subsistence activity. They had perfect control of the corn, “better quality and performance than their predecessors.” Their crops were beans, cassava, pepper, peanuts, Lima bean, pumpkin, lucuma, pacae, cherimoya, etc. For the planting of the above products, the Mochica managed large-scale hydraulic works and was one of the best of old. Farmers in this culture, paid their land sown with guano from the islands, they pulled from the coastal islands of the Sea of Grau. Fishing was another important Mochica activity, practiced on board their horses of reeds, with them the Moche were penetrated several kilometers offshore, but before people were calling and navigation, and exploited marine resources, including those obtainable only deep dive. Extracted sea smelt, liza, bonito, croaker, cojinova and other marine species. Gave added value to the drying salt fish, which was traded with other cultures.Their fabrics were cotton and cane, and exchanged for wool from llamas. They gave much importance to trade relations with other regions, so they built an intricate network of paths that moved the burden on the backs of flame of a “coastal species stronger than the mountain.” Exchanged their products for others in need. Socially stratified society Mochica: Moche society was a pyramid: at the top was the king and his court, which controlled the government, divided in turn into quasi-state cities and royal houses panacas or the way they would the Incas. And in the broad base, the peasants, the army and servants. The state was elitist, domineering and oppressive. “Holding the economic, political and military had become more systematic, more organized and stronger” (Julio R. Villanueva Sotomayor, “Peru in ancient times,” SAC Empresa ora Nacional, Lima, Peru, pp. 106).Moche society had a powerful army and warrior, had a high sense of national security. The military Moche lived with priests taking control of both caste society. To this culture belong the remains of the “Lord of Sipan” found in 1989 by Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva Alva, director of the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in Lambayeque. Teresina Mu oz – Najar wrote in the magazine Caretas July of 1999, as follows: “The Moche figurines tell everyday aspects of his life. How planted, how they hunted and what they ate. Utilitarian ceramics found in various tombs indicates how they were cooking. Cooked food to steam, boiled, roasted on the barbecue or macerated. At this time legendary concerns the creation of ceviche, Peruvian dish consisting of raw fish cooked with acid fruits and pepper.Never used oil (not known although they could have done peanut or corn) and no traces of animal fat Friera. A look at what it referenced and described in the iconography of the Moche figurines and some gourmet safaris in the north used to reconstruct the table of the Lord of Sipan Sunday best. Ceviche of sole cooked with chili juice jolt, guinea-pig and chicha garlic, cooked slowly in a clay pot, smeared with peanut shells (ground), cooked in tomato and cilantro, beans in honey locust point flavored by the broth and fresh peccary meat, lobsters, crabs and prawns seasoned with herbs from the field are, among others, the plates that make up the menu of this feast Moche. “Teresina Mu oz Najar, Magazine “Masks”, July 1999 GGC11C Another Mochica society companion was the dog, it seems that there were two types of them, the hunting dog, which was a carnivore and was therefore well developed and molars the landlord, who was less carnivorous and thus it had developed its molars.

The Feinstaubplakette And The Diesel Particulate Filter

The environmental disc is intended as a kind of indicator for the environmental friendliness of a vehicle. It is based on the new regulation, the particulate matter was decided in October 2006. It soon exist in many German cities, traffic zones, which may happen only cars with the required Feinstaubplakette, or threatens a substantial fine. The badge can be purchased for a sum of five euros to the approving authority, the MOT etc, if the car has entered a specific emission keys in the vehicle registration numbers to give a statement about the fine dust content in the exhaust gases. These may be among the key issues in the vehicle registration number one. The last two points make a statement about who the car belongs to emission class. Aboutaam There are 4 different groups of pollutants. All cars except in the first group of contaminants can get a fine plate. Excluded from the labeling are mopeds, motorcycles, machinery, agriculture and forestry vehicles, hospitals and medical carts, police,Fire brigade, civil protection, military vehicles and civilian vehicles on behalf of the Bundeswehr. There will also be discussed negotiations on special treatment for youngtimers and old timers, that is worth preserving vehicles are older than 25 years old. There is however a consent to be seen. A blockage of urban areas by means of Feinstaubplakette to prevent above all, that ozone levels continue to rise in major cities and represent an unmanageable problem. Especially older diesel vehicles without particle filters are a big problem here. One possible way to his car, despite a non-approved key number on a plaque, is a particle filter or catalytic converter can be retrofitted in the car. On some cars this is enough. Also by other changes in the values can be improved. Then the endless journey through the cities is also nothing to respond.

The Art Of Hochsteckfrisuren

Aboutaam Each sees a woman with long hair updo as the presentation of her perfectly formed hair, because classical Hochsteckfrisuren be graceful, well maintained and have a glamorous aura. Especially for evening gown, or on festive occasions Hochsteckfrisuren women are very popular. But very few women wear updo in everyday life. This has a reason: Even the simplest Hochsteckfrisuren require some practice and patience, so they look really skillfully and dissolve not even in turbulent situations. But the tools as it should, for example, combs, buckles, and a folding mirror you have to make an updo at home. Especially the folding mirror is of key importance, because only then it is possible to control a ready-to updo. Often, individual strands are wrong, or a hair clip is so badly placed, for example, that the scalp to shine through. Another problem with Hochsteckfrisuren one hand you have to withstand the rigors of everyday life, on the otherThey may not look too severe. It is not enough simply to make a pigtail at the back of the banana and the attached by brackets to the back. To learn the real tricks here, it is advisable to study the standard literature or getting together with a nice circle of acquaintances Barber once the desired styles. Those who fail in spite of practice, patience and tools to the topic Hochsteckfrisuren, but should not be disappointed. There are still able to draw on special occasions the expert to advise it. Even for a very low price every hairdresser produces a durable and beautiful updo. And who wants to hold the result of this work for eternity, making the best even a nice picture out in the open. About DSL for GSCHWARZ


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Yoga And Health

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy and world view, which looks back to over 5000 years old tradition. When we think of yoga, we have physical exercises before our eyes. These yoga exercises are called asanas. There are different types of asanas: dynamic and static. Most yoga exercises are static, which means it takes a body position and keeps them in for a few seconds. Then, take a relaxing position. For dynamic yoga exercises, such as the morning greeting, switch to the short positions in chronological order. Another category of the yoga breathing exercises are They are called Pranayama. Breathing exercises, take a large part of yoga is a health spectrum. Finally, the yoga practice also includes meditation and relaxation exercises. Yoga is recognized as a health prevention. The health insurance companies contribute financially to the cost of yoga classes. Yoga classes are offered in almost every city of the adult education center or private yoga teachers and yoga schools. Yoga is important in that itAlthough energy and stamina, but is not practiced with pressure. An expert guide is strongly recommended because of the diseases that yoga practice can in some cases show negative effects. Yoga is basically about all people of all ages are practiced by children, the elderly, pregnant women and physically handicapped people. For each target there are special yoga exercises. Best known in the European area of Rishikesh is Yogabungsreihe. Rishikesh is a town in India, where there are many yoga ashrams, yoga schools that are. To practice, number of Rishikesh, among other things, the headstand, shoulder stand, and of the cobra. Finally, it should be mentioned that yoga beyond the physical exercises. The yoga philosophy aims at a harmonious balance of body, mind and spirit.


An egg of 33 cm in diameter and about 12 kg, is on sale at the Chelsea Antiques Fair, for 500 pounds (536 euros).The egg was laid 400 years ago by an elephant bird that inhabited the island of Madagascar to extinction in the seventeenth century. Sweden’s Therese Alshammar has been dispossessed of the world record in the 50m butterfly to bring two swimsuits.The referees said that wearing two swimsuits and certain type, is a contribution of extraordinary buoyancy. A coach has been fired from a Catholic school to win a basketball game 100-0. The principal and the other nuns said that winning this was a sin, and why he was fired. A baseball stadium sell a hamburger with 4,800 calories, and give away a T-shirt who gets to eat it.The burger contains: chile, salsa, sour cream, melted cheese, fried potatoes, lettuce, tomato and five slices of cheese. A Chinese girl is 13 years since she was 8 months with a strange disease that causes uncontrollable laughter.

Professor Hofer Per Hademar Prevention!

Professor Hademar Hofer is the first celebrity, who advocates more Health in Germany through its participation in the campaign, celebrities per prevention of the German Competence health and nutrition. We are delighted that we could win with Professor Hofer Hademar the well-known health experts in the German-speaking countries, and thereby find the most prominent support for our campaign, now sharing the board members and graduate teacher Almut Carlitscheck dietician Alain Beausoleil in Cologne . We are convinced that they are not deployed in Germany as too few resources for prevention, but rather the use of these funds is wrong. In health promotion has been pure information in the foreground, which is not appealed to the consciousness, rational and shaped the face of the lack of this pattern. Health promotion needs more than money, because only multi-dimensional concepts that are tied to prominent people and the emotional leveltouch to reach the consciousness of people. Better health is possible for anyone to have Almut Carlitscheck and Sven-David Mller Nothmann absolutely secure. If a face behind a statement is on prevention, it is easy to understand. A model example of the use of the health of people in Germany is the statement by Professor Hademar Hofer. For Prof. Hademar Hofer, medical journalist, author and TV health expert, is prevention a part of life: “For me, prevention is a part of my life, because you have the secure feeling that one up to a certain degree of comfort, say in health and disease can be. I respect correctly on a regular fluid intake in the form of water and herbal teas. For me, meat is on the plate in principle, the Supplement to steamed vegetables or crisp salads. Moderate exercise I enjoy sports, and I especially love the cycling. Also, I try to always in daily life, thesee the glass half full and never half-empty glass. “We are proud that our campaign” Prominent pro Prevention costs nothing, and achieved a lot and even more moving. Since the movement of particular importance in health promotion, we are proud that brings fitness guru Dr. Ulrich Strunz his competence, his personality and his face. In addition we report shall Almut Carlitscheck with exhaustive. For more information about the association can be found at too. German Competence Center Health Promotion and Dietetics Association, c / o: Almut Carlitscheck, Allerseelenstr. 16, 51105 Cologne, Email:,

Health Insurance – By Law Or Private

In today’s society in the reform of the agenda and affects in particular the health care reform health insurance is more important than ever. But with the multitude of health insurance, the choice is not easy for the right fund, the offer is too great. Those who have health insurance coverage must be covered by statutory health insurance. Here also are huge and, thanks to the free choice of health insurance companies do not find it easy to choose the right one. But those who have chosen a health insurance, which must remain for a certain period for this insurance member. Who wants to change the health insurance should pick out the number of funds under the right one. What is the amount to contribute each month What services does the cash register at yet Treatment and rehabilitation will be taken Who has the pain has a choice. Finding the right health insurance is not an easy task and requires time and patience. A comparison of health insurance is worth it. Increases the health insurance contributions, it isproblem is a change possible. Those who earned more than the legal amount of contributions that can take out private health insurance. Here, too, starts to apply to take a look at what services I want, what I get offered All the initial questions are answered, we can then make the search for the appropriate insurance.

Viiv Entertainment Organized

Intel looks of developing their own way out of the Viiv devices jungle. Instead of how far many players ready for a variety of file and disk formats, the user should be central in the future, all media from a computer system with Intel-manage technology. The terminals can be distributed here in the house and get their data over the network, if necessary, of course, wireless. If a device is not a file stored on the Media Center can handle, it allows the Windows XP Media Center Edition system on the main computer to convert the data automatically while playing in a suitable format. To do it in real time, the Viiv system is equipped with a powerful processor. This allows, for example, on the normal Viiv-DVD players and HD movies play scaled-down, or listen on the Viiv-MP3 player music, which actually exists on CD. Optionally, the Viiv Media Center PC can also be equipped with a TV tuner card for analog or digital television received on terminals. distribute Great emphasis was placed on the development of Viiv to supporting the latest video and audio formats, so that should also be due to digital rights management (DRM) format is generally no problem. In the latest transmission standards are supported, HD sets and Dolby 5.1 sound systems can be connected.