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Engines Lego Robotics

Engines Lego Robotics series have been of three types, which are independent of the block, delivering mobility to the dynamic system according to construction needs. Table measurement, the standard engine is faster than the 9 volts, but the latter has more force to move the robot, as they can lift nearly 240 pieces of 8×8, but is slower and more precise. Micro Motor is only for minor functions of a low torque and minimum speed of rotation. Detachable motors are powered by wires that have electrical conductors that transmit power inductors. Such as stepper motors, the sense of connection does not deliver the same direction of motion. The integrated engine block with no less versatile, but do not depend on external connections, which visually helps the robot in its presentation.The model uses NXT servo motors, which allow the detection of turns of the wheel, giving the media full turns or twists, which is controlled by the software.