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Electric Power

the green energy revolution is lead by Bolivian industry comprises electric power generation, transmission, distribution, marketing, import and export of electricity, the supply ESCOs of electricity is based on central hydroelectric and thermoelectric generation. The Electricity desarrlla is mainly through the National Interconnected System, which are NOT in integrated production facilities princiapales consumption of the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Oruro, Potosi, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz and covers about 90 percent of NY domestic market, New York City there industry’s Public Service Commission are additional small isolated systems with different characteristics in smaller cities and towns that cover the remaining 10 percent of the national electricity market in department of Pando. The distribution of all distributors in the increased NO 18,600 km to 26,000 km.
Also in 2006 started to export to neighboring countries like Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil already have been created more hydro to meet is your energy company! the demand of the cities bordering the country.

New York Times
The most natural gas ambitious energy and global warming legislation ever debated in environmentally friendly energy Congress has critics and supporters of both sides of the gas aisle.
Vallejo Times-Herald
Benicia – The city wants the help of outside companies to avoid potential renewable a subsidiary of the Corporation Company energy projects that could lower greenhouse gas emissions.The goal, city is one of the leading Energy Service Companies officials say is to switch green energy to more green energy – especially wind and solar energy green energy solutions – through local, provincial and federal
Princeton Times Leader
underscore electricity his vision of making Kentucky a national leader in the field of energy, Governor Steve Beshear announced Thursday a 52 million blueprint to create nearly 600 jobs by increasing efficiency and renewable energy efforts in schools, farms, homes, public buildings and private initiatives in the Commonwealth.

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Grants to reduce taxes

There are also grants for lower taxes, this means that donations by individuals can deduct their tax money in large quantities.

Washington Post
Personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary hosted an online discussion with Susan Beacham author of “The Millionaire Kids Club” series Thursday, April 23 at noon ET.
The current economic downturn has more opportunities for giving and generosity for all New Zealanders by Tangata Whenua and Community and volunteer organizations.
Winona Daily News
ST. PAUL (AP) Tax on a pack of cigarettes would go up to 54 cents. A glass of beer cost three pennies more a shot of liquor, an additional nickel. The best paid Minnesotans would find themselves in a new, higher income tax bracket.
St. Cloud Times
DFLers unveil 1.5B in taxes

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IPhone Features

Vring has announced that it has recently reached an agreement with Sony Ericsson, thanks to which the application of ringtones video Vring will be included by default in the Sony Ericsson Walkman. Additionally, the portal will be promoted in Fun andamp choose the best plan for you Downloads. As cell phone plan chooser a result of the Agreement million new users you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans will have access to a variety of cellular plans the service Vring. Both companies came into contact when Vring won the Sony Ericsson Content Awards and the agreement is the latest step offers all the service providers’ plans in its internationalization Vring needed and monetization of your application. The iPhone allows call waiting, 3 conference, caller ID, and integration with other functions of the iPhone. Does cellular phones not support voice dialing and video calling, unlike most phones with which it competes.
The iPhone includes a feature for the visual voicemail, allowing users to view a list plan chooser of messages from the mailbox, without having to call your voice mailbox. Unlike cellular providers other systems, you best cellphone plans can listen to messages and cell phones plans delete an order by choosing any message from a list that appears. ATandT, O2, T-Mobile Germany plans include and Orange, changed the voicemail infrastructure to accommodate this new feature designed by Apple. Has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Klausner Technologies ATandT by calling the voicemail feature of the iPhone’s visual cell phone plans infringes two patents
The characteristics plans of musical tones, was filed in the United States on September 5, 2007. The tones can be from 3 to 30 seconds and can be any part of a song can make a half second pause every cell phone chooser 5 seconds, and never stop. Any customization can be done through iTunes, and ringing tones can also be used for alarms on iPhone. The tones on order, can be created using Apple’s GarageBand software lots of plans 4.1.1 (available only for Mac OS X) and tools that are not Apple.

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20 Ringtones for Your Mobile Phone by Various Artists (Audio CD – Sep 12, 2005)Import

Disputes during his pontificate

Like all great personality, Pope John Paul II faced during his pontificate and after his death various disputes both within the Church and in the encounter with the world today. Among the most famous of these disputes were:
Some groups calling for a kind of democratization of the Church, a position that contests the absolute nature of the government citation needed . However, the process inside the church itself is not a democracy but a submission to the same character. Therefore, the church and its members joined the mission ordained to that promise. Any contrary view is an act of division and disruption, to the essence of the mission that takes voluntarily citation needed .
During his pontificate, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) banned the teaching of Catholic theologians like Leonardo Boff, in a successful movement to isolate and neutralize the promoters of the theology of Liberation in Latin America, or Hans K ng, one of the most prominent Catholic theologians labeled as “progressive.” The extensive and working documents of the Congregation stress points that are incompatible with Catholic doctrine.
Other internal criticism from more traditional sectors, especially since the excommunication of the French bishop Marcel Lefebvre, leader of the traditionalist movement known as the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, July 2, 1988, who consecrate four bishops without authorization. Occasion of schism, of course, is in effect the Vatican Council II, since there were many changes with which they had disagreed Lefebvre for having “disturbed” the apostolic tradition of the Church (the rite of the Mass and the sacraments, by example)
John Paul II remained faithful to the rules of sexual morality emanating from the encyclical Humanae Vitae (promulgated by Paul VI in 1968), which has been criticized by some Catholics and condemned the use of contraceptives. This position is attracted criticism from sectors who see it as an obstacle to the fight and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and birth control in developing countries in particular. However, within its profound ethical principles gave explanations to this problem citation needed , and pointed out the flaws of the policy to limit the problems afflicting the world, which already takes for granted that nothing can change this world and that the dignity of men and women is not only an illusion for those who should promote the capacity building of human beings.
His opposition to relaxing the requirement of celibacy for priests, especially after pressure from many groups before the scandals of some ministers in various countries. Which returns to the same internal criticism, nobody is forced to take this oath, and the church is not closed, nor is it exclusive of the priests, but it includes those who create free societies outside the church, which respects those who make your life a project to assist its semenajantes. Thus as a result, men and women who practice their faith without being part of a forced dogma.
The position of women within the Catholic Church: In its doctrinal side has reaffirmed the Catholic teaching that women can not be ordained and for its administrative and governance structure of the Church, formed entirely by ordered men not to have any women in any important position. if you visit Israel, you must and book online with Israel Maven Paradoxically, and despite the confirmation of this ancient tradition, the papacy of John Paul II is the most progress has been in the position of women in the Catholic Church. Some women even to represent the Catholic Church as an official international conferences. He was also the first pope in history who wrote a long document on women, the Apostolic Letter “Dignity of Women” where we read: “In the Marian Year the Church desires to thank the Holy Trinity by the “mystery of woman” and for every woman, making it the eternal feminine dignity, for the “wonders of God” in human history have been met in it and through it. In short, do we not acted on it and through it the greatest thing that exists in the history of man on earth, ie the same event that God became man “
The ecumenical character of the pontiff: While the Catholic Church advanced the ecumenical dialogue with the various churches, in the case of Protestant churches is not yet recognized their ministers or their Eucharistic celebrations as valid.

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Opera (browser)

Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by the Norwegian company Opera Software. The application is since version 8.50, having previously been cell phones shareware or adware, and HTC before its version 5.0, only for payment.
Is recognized for its high speed, security, standards support (especially CSS), small size, internationality and cellular coverage innovation. Implemented since its early versions the tabbed browsing, Speed Dial on the movements of the mouse for navigation, personalization site, and the thumbnail tabbed
Available for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux, OS / 2, FreeBSD and Solaris. In addition, two mobile version: Opera Mini (mobile cellular phones singles) and Opera Mobile (and specific versions of payment all the plans include for smartphones and handheld computers). Finally, is also present plans in the Nintendo DS and Wii game. It wireless phones has also announced that the browser will be available for televisions and DVD players.
Currently has 23 candy bar phone million users citation needed and in February 2009 reached a rate of 0.71 used in the overall market for Web browsers.
According to statistics the market share of you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans Opera is located, with a difference, behind Internet Explorer or Firefox. However it is important to mention that most of the users of its browser Opera mask and some other pages while still correctly identifying this browser.

Business Week Online via Yahoo! News
MasterCard is promoting a tempting new offering: Instead Nokia of using checks or transfers to send money, cellular providers U.S. customers may soon text of the funds directly to another person through LG their mobile phones. Dubbed Send Money, the new service promises to “make it faster, simpler and more suitable for people to send money to each other using the MasterCard network,” according to Art Kranzley, chief …
The Windows Mobile development team announced via Twitter on May 14 that Windows Mobile 6.5 is done. “I’m guessing” done “, the latest mobile operating system is released for production. But so far there is no” official “press release or words wireless providers to that effect. By Mary Jo Foley
Guardian Unlimited
Vodafone takes on mobile phones rivals such as Apple, Nokia Samsung and Google creating its own application store Vodafone is joining the rush to take advantage of the boom in the free phones downloadable “widgets” for mobile Motorola phones by creating their own application to save as he looks to claw back revenue from rivals such as Apple, cellular phone plans Nokia and Google. The company offers software developers cellular phones the opportunity to tap into the invoicing …
Business Wire via slider phone Yahoo! Finance
DUBLIN, Calif. —- Sybase iAnywhere today announced Afaria, “The industry-leading mobile device management and security solution now supports Open Mobile Alliance Device Management standards for device management.

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swine flu minister of health

Bogota, May 3 .- A man aged 42 who arrived recently from Mexico and resident of the city of Zipaquira, near Bogota, was formed on Sunday in the first bearer of swine influenza (A H1N1) in the Andean nations, Colombian authorities confirmed. ‘In the evening yesterday, the Colombian government was notified by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control in the U.S.) that one of the 18 samples sent to us was positive for the H1N1 virus. This allows us to confirm that Colombia becomes the 18th country with the virus, “he told media the Minister of Social Protection (health), Diego Palacio.


Origin and use

The term has its origin in North America both in academia and in areas favorable to the Jewish cause. However, it also developed some French theorists on their own. Its proponents use it mainly to differentiate the current anti-Semitism (basic ideological) of anti-traditional, ethnic and historical links with right-wing ideologies. Currently, often associated with anti-Americanism and opposition to the existence of Israel as a Jewish homeland. Critics reject the concept as they believe the term to be used with the intention of equating anti-Semitism with legitimate criticism of certain policies or actions of Israel and thus the credibility, or to silence its critics.
The term has become relatively common with the wave of anti-Semitism that erupted with force, especially in Western Europe after the Second Intifada in 2000, the failure of the Oslo Accords, and the attacks of September 11, 2001. However, no consensus exists regarding its use, because since 1945 the term anti-Semitism is completely outlaw political speech in a democratic society and no one is publicly acknowledged as “Semitic” or “antijudio. The term is rejected in the areas of anti-Zionist left, who deny the new anti-Zionism and antisemitism have any relationship, it also rejected by members of the movement Jaredi or the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta jasidim or who are against Zionism, Israel and even questioning the Holocaust. Although not true of the sectors by Islamist radicals, who often used “Zionist” and “Jews” (often as insults ) and no have any prejudice when it comes to putting the “Jews” or “international Jewry” as the target of his speeches.
Joel S. Fishman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, made a historical overview in “The big lie and the media war against Israel,” analyzes the techniques of “inversion of reality” as practiced by the Nazis, many of which, after war, found asylum in Arab countries, where, according to Fishman, was revived some of the same techniques used against the Jews but now applied to the State of Israel. Fishman describes the case of Johann von Leers who “sponsored the publication of an Arabic edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, revived the blood libel, organized anti-Semitic broadcasts in numerous languages informative, educating neo-Nazis around the world and maintained a warm correspondence encouraging the first generation of Holocaust revisionists. ” All this makes it to Fishman to conclude that “if the anti-Arab propaganda and anti-Jewish remembers most of the Third Reich, because there is a good reason.”
Rabbi Michael Lerner The U.S. believes that there is a “izquierdas of anti-Semitism” that is based on the denial of the right to existence of Israel and the lack of criticism of Palestinian terrorism .
Other academics who have applied are Alain Finkielkraut, Bernard-Henri L vy or as Ralf Dahrendorf and Bernard Lewis among others. in the field is used by some Spanish journalists Pilar Rahola and writers such as Juan and Gustavo Perednik Juaristi.

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Jains in the World: Religious Values and Ideology in India by John E. Joining the list of esteemed Honorees of the Wisenthal Center, was selected to receive the Wisenthal Humanitarian Award. Cort (Hardcover – Mar 22, 2001) Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi’s Journey Through Religious Change in America by Carol Harris-Shapiro (Paperback – Aug 4, 2000) The Chosen People in America: A Study in Jewish Religious Ideology (Modern Jewish Experience) by Arnold M. Eisen (Hardcover – Nov 1983)

Hood in North Africa

Main article: Campaign in North Africa
At the beginning of the war, Italy attacked the Anglo-French colonies in East Africa, failing miserably. Despite this defeat, Mussolini remained committed to seizing Egypt and the Middle East oil wells, so shipping to Egypt on September 13, 1940, a force of 200 thousand men from Libya, then an Italian colony . After moving less than 65 kilometers inside Egypt, the private equity company Italians are entrenched in a defensive line in Genius Products Sidi Barrani.
The British army made up of Australians and Indians do not equity funds spend 35 thousand men, but had a larger tank, which also were more advanced than the Italian armored. investment expert On December 8 private equity market the British tanks came from the weaknesses of the defensive line of Sidi Barrani and then isolate camp after camp, were destroyed (see Operation Compass). The Italian defeat was overwhelming, a general was killed and 38 thousand Italian soldiers surrendered, however, things would get even worse for the army of Mussolini.
The Italian withdrawal, completely disorganized, but I escaped to the west coast route to get away from the open desert south of the disputed ground tanks. makes use of ‘s General Archibald Percival Wavell took the southern route and near Beda Fomm short Italian withdrawal, capturing about 130 thousand Italians.
The defeat capital worth devastated morale and Italian aid to Hitler asked Mussolini to expel the allied troops who could attack at any time and in Tunisia there jumping to Italy. Hitler responded by sending Erwin Rommel, later nicknamed the Desert Fox, and the V Panzer Regiment, which receive more reinforcements would be known as the Afrika Korps. When Rommel arrived in Africa was ordered to maintain the line. However, the English Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, underestimating the threat German troops retreat from Africa to help in the defense of Crete, which was being invaded by German paratroopers (see Battle of Crete). When Rommel realized the net worth weakness of the face and the long supply line of defenders, attacked on its own initiative, pushing the British to the initial positions of their offensive months ago (see Operation Sonnenblume). However, the Afrika Korps could not take Tobruk, which was under siege.
General Bernard Montgomery observes the movement of tanks in El Alamein
Immediately the British tried to regain control of the important port of Tobruk, but failed. A second attempt did not yield favorable results british, worse, a counterattack Rommel rapture of the British territory won in their entire previous offensives. After these defeats, the British commander Archibald Wavell was replaced by Claude Auchinleck, who completely reorganized the army and XIII after getting seven divisions replacement launched by November 18, 1941 Operation Crusader, which was a counterattack against the Afrika Korps , which was almost without provisions. Crusader was a success, and Rommel had to withdraw to El Ageila, where his brilliant offensive began eight months ago.
After receiving the late much-needed resources, Rommel and restart the attack after winning the Battle of Gazala, the British pushed beyond the frontier with Egypt. Molesto, Churchill to Auchinleck replacement with General Bernard Montgomery. Rommel was aware that few new provisions, Montgomery German repelled attack after attack, allowing the front is stable, as the weather helped. Rommel LLC is a privately owned investment advisory firm watch powerlessas their tactic of attacking the flank his enemy was useless, because south funds of the depression was Kattan and formed a bottleneck for the passage of tanks.
Finally, in late October 1942, called the Second Battle of El Alamein, British troops, superior in tanks, supplies and air support, succeeded in neutralizing the few tanks that were left smaller and emerging funds without fuel for Rommel, and pushed him up more Apart from Tripoli, winning this important port and depriving the Afrika Korps of important resources.
U.S. troops landed at Algiers
Meanwhile the Americans were running Operation Torch, and thousands of U.S. soldiers landed in northwest Africa, to experience a strong resistance from the Vichy French troops in Algeria. After three days of intense fighting, the commander of Vichy Fran ois Darlan surrendered, on condition of continuing to administer Algeria, this time on behalf of Free France.
While nortemaricanos to landings in northwest Tunisia, Rommel was entrenched behind the line Mareth facing the British who came to Libya.

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VIX investment management (Volatility Index) is a Asset Management financial index that measures the volatility of the options puts the SandP 500 is a widely used measure of market risk.
At the time there is high volatility, stocks the VIX reached a high figure and is correlated with a decrease of The the SandP 500, indicating NYSE that there is market pessimism and fear, and often coincides with the minimum benchmark, is now where heavy movements in equity markets, whereas when the VIX is at hedge funds minimum, there is joy and confidence. funds Is calculated using investors a number of Ribostky options SandP 500. Although there are other indices of volatility, such as the Nasdaq 100 investment for the VXN and the VXD for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the VIX is the most famous and used.
The theory of this indicator is that if the market is bearish, investors believe the family of funds market fund management will fall, will cover over their portfolios by buying puts on the contrary, if the operators are not buying puts upside, because it will not public companies see the need to protect . Ultimately discounted expectations in the near investment portfolio future and hedge funds generally works in reverse to the index. Below 20 is an indicator of potential roof stock in financial markets.


El Faro.
-Located at Cape San Agustin two lighthouses: one old shows no signs of any kind, and another, which gives reference to the Cape sea goes. It has a very picturesque sight. On clear days, you can see from this place the coast of Burela.
Have a nice ride, which take advantage of some painters to make their first steps, and many photographers are bringing the bride and groom on their wedding day to make a story in this beautiful place.
Behind the old lighthouse, a big bell, not many years had a booth in order to get on touch when passing boats.
Many were women who once came up here to play the hood while someone, they took advantage to say “Adios”, wagging a towel to the wind.
The first inhabitants of Ortiguera built a humble shrine under the advocation of St. Augustine, which were only a few remnants of foundation (in 1953), but the extreme tip of the coast, for the present church, which in its first trace and the center of the field, whether in the main data of the seventeenth century, was subsequently amended and extended, providing comprehensive and pleasant chapel, site of Super and frequent worship. And works with successive reforms, the old chapel is small and broad spacious chapel, which is now a subsidiary of Mohi. For this service of worship with the Chapel of San Agustin of valuable ornaments gift of the family “Jardon” benefactor of Ortiguera.
Dan typical curious character Chapel models of boats votes of neighbors and children of sailors Ortiguera that every year waiting for their big day festivities, which the missing sailors seek to come to the corner loved.
Port .-
Until 1918 there was only towards the dock and this time a penalty level that dock near the boat, but thanks to the zeal and interest of D. MA Jose Cienfuegos could build a small dock.
That sir, was the City Council of an amount Coana 3,000 pesetas to the work of the pier with dynamite and blow a shame, as the “Stone of Porto, at the entrance and there was a real danger for ships immediately that the sea is a bustling little. And subsequently made a number of works which give the appearance that it now has. This endowed by nature with excellent natural conditions, but limited by its size. Loss and the importance of its port, which was even commercial traffic and industry, has today a residential function.
It is a very picturesque port, where they learned to swim most of the children of Ortiguera. It has a stone beach, where the river empties Fundia, who once used as laundry women, on stone, close to the mouth, on the beach.
Beach .-
It is a cove between Cape San Agustin in and road Foxos called Amelle. It’s surrounded by cliffs and has two entrances: one from a neighborhood of low Ortiguera La Rasa (Poceirua), with 273 steps ( climb down and good!) And from another part of Foxos down, with fewer steps, but longer.
It has clean sand and is not sticky. It is very quiet, I would say almost “family”. It is much visited by foreigners, and from about 10 years ago has lifeguard all summer.
Who knows, come back!
Since Ortiguera is a small fishing village, it is difficult to find accurate information on their history in books. Therefore, given that I am not born here, and nobody in my family either, I speak of my beautiful town on the knowledge I have of it.
Ortiguera is located on the west coast of Asturias, near the border with Galicia, with first-villa Ribadeo gallega-west direction at about 25 kilometers away. It is a small jewel in the tourism council of Coana, which constitutes the largest population, has a small fishing port, which retains some traditional and is called “The Ribeiro,” and also has a beautiful beach, called “Arnella.
It is the social center of the council, with the Casa de Cultura and Telecentro municipal district “The Rabeiron. It also has a cement ramp to play indoor football, tennis. As for natural wonders, beyond the port and beach, have a wonderful lookout located on Cape San Agustin, where the chapel of the same name, along with our two lighthouses, the old and modern, offering a amazing view of the Bay of Biscay.
Ortiguera contara approximately 1,000 inhabitants. The population, unfortunately, this very old and most people are retired, either the sea or of companies in the area.